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Choose Your Own Adventure

Page 14
You receive a note from a friend who has been in love with you from day one. She always wanted you to notice her. To like her back. To kiss her, if only once.

If you would like to return her affection, turn to page 36.

If you plan to let her down, please, gently turn to page 70.

If you decide to face your adversary by storming into the hive, valiantly charge forth to page 71.

Page 36.
You see her alone in the cafe at which you always met. She smiles when she sees you. Your eyes lock with hers, and you both blush before you take her hand delicately in your own. Her smile softens into a sweeter grin as you decide to move closer. Your long-awaited first kiss together makes the rest of the world melt away.

Page 70.
Remember you can still be friends.

Page 71.
Once inside the hive, you face a swarm of minions that you fend off easily with a quick swing of your blade. You head down a narrow tunnel and find the queen already slain, her crown tossed away from her. You pick up the crown, warm with spots of fresh blood, and place it on your head. You are now the Ruler of Bees. You forget that someone else wanted that crown.