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Last weekend was the Fringe festival down in the East End. I don't usually attend them because last time, I spent an obnoxious amount of money on some really shitty performances, and though there was a free one (might not have been free, I might have snuck in) that was good, it left a sour taste in my mouth for the festival in general. But everything I did this year was free and amazing!

Friday, I found out my friend Mark's band, Sisters of Murphy (a Dropkick Murphys/Flogging Molly/traditional Irish drinking songs cover band with a lot of original songs too) were playing for free at Manhattan Square Park. So I started there. I took my bike and chained it to a garbage can (they are chained to posts) and enjoyed as much of the show as I could before my friend Ron texted me.

Ron let me know I'd been invited to a cast dinner at Matthews (bar & grill) before a screening of a movie he and my friend Jeff were in. Apparently, Jeff invited me, but he had the wrong email address for me, so I didn't get it. Thankfully, Ron saw my name on the invite because I wouldn't have known if he hadn't mentioned it. So I went to dinner and we had a good chat. Met the guys who did the music for the film (one of them looks just like Guillermo del Toro!!) and then realized we were late for the screening!

The Little theater is two doors down from Matthews, so we weren't that late, however, seating was sparse, and our big group was split into two or three sections. The movie Ron and Jeff were in is called Crocodile. It had NOTHING to do with crocodiles. It had to do with pot-smoking kids, and I'm pretty sure the writer/director had never smoked pot in his life, because the movie was just a shitty representation. It had all this abstract symbolism, and hardly any of it made any sense unless you did extensive research into obscure folk lore and crocodiles (crocodiles still had nothing to do with the movie). Ron and Jeff were great, though. They always are.

After the movie, Ron invited me to The Old Toad for drinks and dessert. We had to walk through the East End to get there, though, and by the time we got out of the theater, The Bar Crawl was in full swing. We had never seen The Bar Crawl before. Never experienced it. I asked a cop what the huge crowd was all about, and they asked if I was from out of town. I admitted I lived around the corner, but never knew about The Bar Crawl. Apparently you buy a mug, and bar hop to all the bars and drink and drink and drink. Surprisingly peaceful event.

At the Toad, we had chocolate mousse & creme brulee, and continued to chat til we got really tired. Then we went back through the crowds to where we parked, and went our separate ways.

Next day, Ron invited me to watch the RIT Honors films at The Little. I was blown away! Ron made a quick cameo in one of them (Dust - the best one, in my opinion), but you wouldn't be able to spot him unless he pointed himself out. They were all really amazing, and I got a free DVD of them all after the show!

The rest of the day was spent riding my bike around town for two hours, grocery shopping, trying not to get hit by cars (almost got hit by one, did get hit by another), and finalizing Franzie's website to deliver to him on Sunday.

Sunday, we went to Franzie's first thing when we woke up. Got lost as usual on the way over, and found a few kinks in our plan. Long story short, it's up, but I'm still working on it.

Immediately after, I got a call from our former (best) neighbour Linda inviting us to Aja Noodles for lunch. We met one of her daughters, and it was a nice, slightly awkward dinner.

Then I had about 40 minutes to nap before Ross picked me up (with Mark's car, because Ross's car was being blocked in a parking spot down the road by fire trucks!!) and we all ventured to the grocery store to pick up ingredients needed for making Red Lobster cheese biscuits. It was the simplest recipe, and very delicious, but we didn't hit the mark on Red Lobster. We will make more attempts.