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Voltaire <3

On Saturday, Charles and I went to Syracuse to the anime convention and saw Voltaire my love perform for an all-ages (mostly under 18) crowd. I was texting him before the show to ask what time, and if he wanted to get food beforehand. He didn't have time to come out, so he ate before he got to town (or says he did- I know his appetite hasn't been well since he split with his lovely wife), and suggested we try Dinosaur BBQ. Took a while to get down to the other side of town, but when we found Dinosaur, there was a line wrapped all the way around the building. DON'T THINK SO. We instead scouted around for about 10 minutes trying to find just ONE place that was open, and not a bar. We found a really good one called Bull & Bear Pub. Amazing sandwiches, not crowded at all, and really nice staff.

Finding our way back to the convention was a nightmare, and we were last in line to get into the show by the time we finally did make it back. I found Voltaire hiding in the dark near the merch booth, and I asked how he's doing. "Well, that depends on how you feel about doing a show that's run by a bunch of kids." MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY. I replied, "That's why I hate anime conventions, and I also hate Syracuse, and the smell of gin [the whole place smelled like pine needles], so you're literally the only thing here keeping a smile on my face." And then he went on. Everyone sat for the show (I wanted to stand, but Voltaire did say it seemed like a sit-down kind of show, so I obliged), so it was like a Pirate came to perform for a little kids party (and gyrated at all the wrong ones - guessing who's under-age and not, never really getting it right).

The show was an awkward one, because he was drinking rum (shared his drink with me, too, so we were the only two people drinking at the anime convention!), and getting drunker and drunker, becoming more and more inappropriate. Normally, this behaviour wouldn't be a problem, because 99% of the time, his audience is an appropriate age. This is why he rarely does an all-ages show.

But I got to hang out with him behind his booth while he signed stuff and hugged people and told great stories. There was one person who poured his heart out to Voltaire, and went really nuts when he found out various members of My Chemical Romance are involved in some of Voltaire's projects. I handed that kid the set list that was left on the stage and said 'you really should have this,' which is a thing I've done a few times in the past for fans that are blown away by their first time seeing him. It's heartwarming :)

Finally, we ended the night, and I got to have my moment with Voltaire, where I hugged him and he taught me the Voltaire Signal Corps secret handshakes, and we said our goodbyes.

I will never not love that man.