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A - Z Bookish Survey

Always love doing these.

AUTHOR YOU’VE READ THE MOST BOOKS FROM: I think I have to say Chuck Palahniuk, hands down, at least as far as novel authors go.  If you count comic book authors, it's going to be Bill Willingham, definitely... with Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, and Brian K. Vaughan coming up behind.

BEST SEQUEL EVER: I don't read a lot of serials.  Well... I read a few, but they're not really so compelling that I'd call one of them a best sequel.  Hmm... I was going to say Persepolis II, but I actually liked the first one much, much better.  I'm going to go with Catching Fire, because it's the first in a long time I've wanted to devour that next book ASAP, and I finished it in a day.  The third Hunger Games book kinda fizzled out, though.

CURRENTLY READING: I've always got more on my plate than I can manage at once.  Almost done with The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi; Slowly working through the stories of The King in Yellow anthology, by Robert Chambers; Horns, by Joe Hill (which I had to put down because it didn't hold my interest at all); and Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion, finally.

DRINK OF CHOICE WHILE READING: Tea.  Always tea.  Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Peach, White Marzipan, always with cream.  Sometimes hot cocoa, too.  Doesn't matter if it's hot out.  I love a good warm drink when I read.

E-READER OR PHYSICAL BOOK:  Why not both?!?  I have a pretty hefty library at home, and I'm always going to prefer turning the page, especially when I'm in bed, but I love my e-readers (I have a nook and a kindle, and regularly use both).  Sometimes I have a physical copy and a digital copy- the digital goes with me, because it's light, compact, and I can switch up books if I want, and the physical copy always stays by my bedside.  If I'm in a bookstore, I'll either find a good one to buy, or find it cheaper as an ebook (if I'm scrounging for scratch).

FICTIONAL CHARACTER YOU PROBABLY WOULD HAVE ACTUALLY DATED IN HIGH SCHOOL: I didn't date in high school, to be honest.  I was cripplingly shy due to my body image.  I would have blushed if high-school Snape talked to me, though.  And I definitely would have dropped out and sailed the high seas with Captain Hook.

GLAD YOU GAVE THIS BOOK A CHANCE: Ender's Game!  It was the first hard science fiction book I ever read, and I wasn't sure I'd be into it, because I wasn't really into sci-fi when it was suggested to me.  But my friend Rob (deluin) suggested it, and I love everything he suggests.  I have nothing but amazing things to feel for Rob, so of course I took his suggestion to heart.

HIDDEN GEM BOOKL'homme Volcan, by Mathias Malzieu.  A stunning short story as an Apple app with beautiful illustrations that come alive!  It's about a boy who falls into a volcano and comes back as a little fire spirit and stays with his sister, recounting his post-volcano life (which involves a racey little scene with Tinker Bell!!!).

IMPORTANT MOMENT IN YOUR READING LIFE: Once, I got trapped in Rob's room with only me and his books and comics to keep me entertained for hours until he returned.  I was introduced to the poetry of Saul Williams, and the comic Transmetropolitan!!

JUST FINISHED: Call of the Jersey Devil by Voltaire, my love.  And I loved it!

KIND OF BOOKS YOU DON’T READ:  I don't read modern/contemporary romance, even if it involves supernatural beings (I'm lookin' at you, Twilight).  If there's not a decent storyline with some real action, I don't care much about it.  I also don't care that much for political drama unless it's got something I can relate to.  Hunger Games and 1984 are pretty much the only politically-driven books I've thoroughly enjoyed.  I'm reading The Windup Girl right now, and it's way too full of underground politics for me to get into.  The title character's only a small part of this book, but I'm finishing it because my favourite professor suggested it.

LONGEST BOOK YOU’VE READ: It's going to be The Windup Girl.  I could also count my Necronomicon of short stories by Lovecraft, but Windup is the longest novel I've read.

MAJOR BOOK HANGOVER BECAUSE OF: The Girl Who Would Be King, by Kelly Thompson left me wanting more (and thankfully, she's working on more)!!  I devoured that one, but also took frequent breaks, because I wanted it to never stop.  I was also left with a very empty feeling when I finished The Hunger Games trilogy, and not because the last book kinda fizzled out, but because they were pretty damn good (of course, I wish Mockingjay could have lasted longer).

NUMBER OF BOOKCASES YOU OWN: I have 6 large, very full cases - one of which is full of graphic novels, with some spill-over into a couple others, and 4 smaller cases.  So ten all together.  Wow.

ONE BOOK YOU HAVE READ MULTIPLE TIMES: Lord of the Flies.  It's my favourite.

PREFERRED PLACE TO READ: In bed, or on my couch, or at a cafe with a cushy chair.

QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU: I have a "commonplace book" at home, but I have no idea where it is.  I lost it during a move, and stopped filling it with quotes, but this is one of my all-time favourites.

The best restaurants in any town are the ones that are open 24 hours. It doesn't matter if the restaurant is clean or attractive, if the food is good or even edible. What makes 24-hour places special is that whatever is going on inside them at any moment--eating, crashing from a night high and wild, a secret lovers' rendezvous, a drug deal, a traveler getting her bearings in a new town-- will continue to go on there until the place burns down or goes out of business.

These places sell time, not food. All 24-hour restaurants are social neutral zones, outside the normal boundaries of time and space, which exist for most of us in neatly packaged eight-hour segments: one for sleep, one for work and one for life. These diners are the alien bases in our midst. Area 51 with curly fries and a Coke. - Richard Kadrey

I don't know if it's from a book or a movie or blog or what, but it's pretty inspiring to me, because 24-hour diners are where I've always found inspiration, writing or drawing all night long, meeting people seemingly straight out of books... I judge a town based on its number of places to eat after midnight.

READING REGRET:  Not finding the time to read every day.  Not MAKING enough time to read every day.  That's my biggest regret.  I can't think of a book I've read that I hated (except a select few as required by classes), because if I'm not into a book, I just stop reading it.

SERIES YOU STARTED AND NEED TO FINISH (ALL BOOKS ARE OUT IN THE SERIES): Oh wait.  That's my reading regret.  Not finishing A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I've also not finished the Cirque du Freak series, but I'll forgive myself for that one.  They're good, but not amazing.

THREE OF YOUR ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS: Lord of the Flies, 1984, and Lolita.

UNAPOLOGETIC FANGIRL FOR: Captain James M. Hook.  Hands down.

VERY EXCITED FOR THIS RELEASE MORE THAN ALL OTHERS: I sadly don't keep up on authors I love the way I should, so I don't keep up on what's released before I see it on the shelf, but the last book I was excited for was Dead Pig Collector by Warren Ellis, which failed to be released.

WORST BOOK-ISH HABIT: Buying re-releases of books I already have because the cover is just too beautiful.

X MARKS THE SPOT: START AT THE TOP LEFT OF YOUR SHELF AND PICK THE 27TH BOOK: American Gothic Tales, by Joyce C. Oats.  One of my go-to books for amazing short stories (my favourite in the book being "Last Feast of Harlequin" by Thomas Ligotti.

YOUR LATEST BOOK PURCHASE: The Art of Alice: The Madness Returns

ZZZ-SNATCHER BOOK (aka THE LAST BOOK THAT KEPT YOU UP WAY TOO LATE): I don't usually let books keep me up too late for me to handle, but I recall opting out of bed when I was on the edge of finishing Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  That was almost 15 years ago. Hunger Games kept me up late, but not too late.  I think I'm too old to stay up with a good book.  Maybe.  I'll have to try it again sometime.