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December plans

First thing's first:  I'll be Podcasting on the 4th (posted on Friday).  I'll be watching 2 episodes of Welcome to the NKH, and ParaNorman.  Don't know what the next podcast will have in store (besides a couple more NKH episodes).

Saturday is the RIT Snow Festival, held by the Anime club.  My friend Cathy wants me to attend because she's doing a panel about Ball-Joint Dolls.  I was hoping I'd be able to do it with her, but I didn't have the time to prepare when she originally asked me.  I hope she's not doing it alone, because I will feel really bad, but if she is, I'll be glad to step up if she needs.  I haven't brushed up on my BJD info, however, she's well versed.

My friend Red-Headed Charles is having a bar crawl for his birthday (on a tuesday afternoon?!?) so I am going to attend that, because I've got to get out of the house, and it's in the area, and as you can see, I don't really have much planned for December.  And also, we're friends.

Starting last week, and through January, I'm putting aside money from each paycheck toward the hotel for Voltaire's Wicked NecroComiCon, at which I'll be selling my wares, which brings me to my next bulletin (I know, I'm not doing bulletins, it's a metaphore...?)...

Jewelry!  Starting after Boxing Day weekend, I'll be hitting the craft table HARD to prepare for filling up my 6ft table at the convention, as well as preparing the inventory + price list, placement, table cloth, props, and money stuff.  I'm hoping to be completely done and prepared by Valentine's Day.  I also want to maybe cut my time for this with working on comics.  I'm not ready yet to start really buckling down on my pet comic project imjh, but SOON, I swear!  Next project will be doing my rejected comic "Under The Sea" - my Smut comic that will be at least 7 pages of mermaids DOIN' IT!!!!

Let's see... baking for the holidays, more podcasting, and OH!

Ross's birthday!  Oh man, I gotta do something special.  If anyone's been following my art posts on other sites, I have been making a fan art of each of Ross's Wet Moon characters for each of their birthdays (I missed 2 in October, though.  October wasn't a very good month for me).

And hopefully getting out of the house for things besides work.