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Short month means short update, right?

I spent most of the month working tirelessly and stressfully on my wares and display setup for Voltaire's Wicked NecroComicCon, which was amazing (more in a moment), with some pleasant interruptions in between.

Actually, the only times I went out was to hang out with Ron. I attended his super-fun birthday party / Olympics ceremony viewing with other awesome new friends, I went to dinner and a film festival screening (Mind 2 Movie) the following Monday, and went out for food and coffee the next week. It doesn't seem interesting reading it now, but trust me, every moment, even texting back and forth, is amazing with a really great friend.

I had a really devastating thing happen too, but I don't want to talk about it right now... so, now for the convention!

I had everything finished and packed up by the due date I set for myself, and I worked on extra things right til I had to throw stuff into the car. I also brought my button press and filled an order for Voltaire while I was there (actually, it was only MOST of an order, as I'd run out of supplies before I reached the end, but I will finish and ship the rest this weekend - also gave him a major discount price because I didn't finish).

My table was set up by the window in the 'Fright Gallery' on the first day, but by the second, Robert Tritthardt (creator of the comic Writhe and Shine) and a couple other table buddies decided to re-adjust the table placement since a few artists didn't show up to claim their spots, and the place looked a little sparse. We moved tables and I ended up by my two favourites (RScott Sculptures and Mad Machinations) to whom I gave lots of money.

It got busy on and off, between popular panels. I wandered around at slow times and got to meet Debbie Rochon (can't believe I never did before, since she's been in the same movie 'franchise' as me, and we know a bunch of the same people). I also got to meet the creator of Living Dead Dolls! I even ran into a few friends (Voltaire's biggest fan Jaime from Buffalo, who got some free buttons from me while I was making 'em, Jet the former Vertex DJ and now founder of Vampire Freaks, and Eliza, who took me to my first Wicked event)! Also caught the end of Voltaire's Saturday performance, which was cool, as always.

I think I was the only table in the Artists Alley who turned a profit, which is awesome beginner's luck, but also made me sad, because the new friends I was next to are really amazing and talented and their stuff should have been flying! Also, I got invited to join a bunch of other conventions coming up, including the Steampunk World's Fair (which I don't think I can attend, as I'm already traveling in the opposite direction that month). My only problem is that I don't know how to find out more, but when things settle and I clean up the disaster from con-prep, I'll get around to asking.

Outside the convention, Charles and I found a nice 24-hour diner right down the road, and he even went out and found a 24-hour fucking Starbucks. On the way back home, we stopped off in North Bergen to visit Jeff, and it was so good to see him! He is living there for the time being, and I miss him. Also, holy shit, he's right on the river with a fucking evil view of NYC (which can be seen on my FB)!

Oh yeah, and now that the con is out of the way, I've decided to try Facebook again.

Future plans for March include 3 projects that are all due in the last week: the MCC Comic Anthology that's theme is "The Old West" (due the 26th), a charm swap that's theme is "Down the Rabbit Hole" (due the 31st), and a SNICK collaborative piece, of which I'm drawing Dad from the show Roundhouse (due the 30th). The comic and charm swap are my first priorities, as the swap requires 20 pieces and matching ATCs, and comics, even one page, still take lots of time for me. The SNICK collab I can do pretty quickly, I think (might even do it this weekend to get it out of the way, if I can clean house fast enough). OH and Brendan is also having a bonfire mid-month, but I'm still not 100% sure I can go (definitely gonna try, though).

That's about it!

Here are some pictures from my Instagram (username is diello2):

That's me in the programme!

First (of several) purchase from Richard Scott Sculputure (link above). (the photo I originally had here was accidentally deleted, so here's one from his site - I bought the brown one)

First (of more) purchase from Gen of Mad Machinations (link above)