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The Death of Animatic Attack

From September through March, on the Audioshocker, I hosted an animation podcast alongside Nick (Audioshocker owner) and Justique (his amazing lady) called ANIMATIC ATTACK. It began with discussing a show we all fell for, The Legend of Korra (season 2), as well as an animated feature film (we even had a contest to win an advanced copy of Miyazaki's From Up on Poppy Hill. It also included a lot of incest. We coincidentally discussed incest in just about every episode (sometimes the actual subject, sometimes in passing).

Though this is my first time hosting a podcast, it's not my first time on the Audioshocker in general. I have guested on a few episodes of A Podcast With Ross and Nick, which later became A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick (on which I've also guested). Ross and Nick discussed episodes of the original X-Men animation, along with some random film, and Kaylie and Nick discussed episodes of ALF, as well as random films (most notably, though, the films of David DeCoteau, who makes porn and children's movies and awful stuff in between, all set in the same exact house. ALL of them).

Aside from Korra, we also watched From Up on Poppy Hill, La Leyenda de la Llorona, ParaNorman, Persepolis, Heman & Shera: the Secret of the Sword, and Jack et La Mécanique du Coeur. Other series watched were Welcome to the NKH, Koi Kaze, HammerMan, and The Critic (a surprising amount of incest in some of these).

What we do when we discuss shows and films is watch them a day or so beforehand, and take screencaps, which we share on our Tumblr accounts. I loved taking screencaps of Legend of Korra! Especially in the spirit world, the Wan episodes, and of Verrick and Eska!

I want to share my favourites, but I also want to share the links to the rest of the screencaps, because it's gonna be SO hard to just pick a few.

(from [this] set)

(from [this] set)

(from [this] set)

(from [my favourite] set)

Also got some inappropriate HeMan and SheRa caps like this one:

And even compared ParaNorman with Silent Hill, like this:

But alas, the Audioshocker is being put to rest, and so every podcast hosted will have their last hurrah by this weekend. Personally, I'm hoping for a couple of reunion episodes down the road.

You cannot kill self-made gods.


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 2nd, 2014 08:25 pm (UTC)
Ahaa, thank you for listening! I wish we'd had time for all the other old Disney greats. I actually currently work with one of the animators/producers of Gargoyles (who is a reference librarian now), which we didn't get a chance to discuss.
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