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So that time came around again, where I attended the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I started off worried that I'd see Ross there, who had planned to go as a patron (he usually has a table) for a day. I texted him and asked what happens if we run into each other. I didn't want him to get upset. He said he couldn't make it anyway - too busy with TMNT. I hope it's not because of me. I'm not usually at TCAF for longer than a few hours anyway. But we had a nice text conversation anyway about the Tamaki sisters (which I didn't end up finding - they were mad busy) and fighting Darwyn Cooke, hahaha.

So I arrived, but none of my Toronto friends were available for drinks, so Charles and I made it a night in (it was late, and I was having uterine AND intestinal distress anyway). The food area in the hotel was fantastic! Not crazy huge by any means, but they had a wicked salad bar, fresh sushi, peeled grapefruit, pizza, sandwiches, desserts, beers... it was the first time I was actually excited for salad, because they had spring-mixed greens, and some intense ingredients (that's right - I just called a salad bar intense).

Saturday, we had a bit of a late start, but we went to one of our favourite breakfast spots in the Yonge area - Golden Diner, where, if you order an omelette, you get a GIANT 3-egg omelette, stuffed with whatever (I had spinach, tomato, and mushroom), with toast, homefries, brown beans, fresh fruit (orange, watermelon, strawberries), pancakes, orange juice, and coffee. They STUFF you if you order an omelette!

The first thing I did when I got to TCAF was look for familiar faces around the bottom tables. These are ALWAYS overcrowded, full of people who just stand there in the aisles to chit-chat, not caring that they are blocking the flow of people (seriously, the only negative thing I can say about Toronto is their etiquette regarding crowds of people). I didn't see anyone I knew downstairs (was hoping to see my friend Mike Parsons of Hey Apathy!). So upstairs to the good room I went.

There's always a line for upstairs. This is where they have bigger names (though downstairs of the first floor they have the FAMOUS ones - this year was Lynn Johnston) and the Topatoco booths. The line, though it circles around the whole second floor, is a quick wait. Once inside, I scoped out for familiar faces, many of which were familiar, but not friends, and only a few I got excited about. I got to meet Rachel Dukes who made the famous Life With/Out a Cat comic. Next to her was someone I never heard of - Jeffrey Ellis, who draws the comic Teach English in Japan, who told me Canadians are granted a 1-year working holiday visa to Japan, and that's how he got his job there, and he even told me a joke in Japanese (I only remember the punchline, so I'll let you in on it when I remember the rest).

Finally, I got to the Topatoco table, and shockingly, it wasn't super crowded! I saw Jeph Jacques, who makes one of my favourite web comics Questionable Content. I meant to get back to him after his line thinned out a tad, but I forgot (I see him every year, though, it's okay). I was distracted then by a VERY familiar face - NICHOLAS GUREWICH (I call him Nick) of The Perry Bible Fellowship fame! He looked totally different, though, despite just saying he was a very familiar face. When I last saw him, he didn't have a full, lush beard. When I first met him (we had gone on a spicy date together many years ago), he didn't have ANY facial hair at all! I stood at his table for a while before he looked up from drawing something for someone. His eyes widened and he gave me a big hug! We had a quick chat before a crowd started forming, so I had to say goodbye for now, but I gave him my card with my number on the back (email on the front). I hope he calls. It's sad that I hardly see him despite us living in the same area (though I now say this about Ross).

Across from Nick, I found Iron Spike, who I had scrawl a message to Ross and pose for a picture with it, which I sent to him, and he liked :) Talked to Spike a while about the new Smut Peddler anthology, which I had submitted to, but didn't get in. Bought one of her other anthologies while I was there (Sleep of Reason), and had her sign it, and the girl next to her, whose name I don't remember, but also runs anthologies, so I bought something of hers, and will keep an eye on her. I want to get into an anthology before the year's up.

That was pretty much the extent of my TCAF experience. Aside from that, I got lost looking for Thirsty & Miserable in the Kensington Market (don't ask- I just wasn't paying attention), ate at Sneaky Dee's (where I forgot my ID in my passport at the hotel, so had to run back for it), met some amazing people (the best thing I can say for Toronto - people talk to people, even if they don't know them), and spent ALL of my money.


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May. 19th, 2014 06:31 pm (UTC)
Lol @ Salad bar intense. It really is great when they actually have a select and not just some limp greens.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun (:
May. 20th, 2014 04:29 pm (UTC)
It definitely inspired me to build my own salad bar ;)
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