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Cuts & Bruises

Before I go to bed, and before I report about the film screenings I attended over the whole weekend (and tonight) with Ron, I want to post a couple more photos of some of my SFX work.

Tonight's dinner discussion with Ron had me excited for building my SFX (and prop) portfolio over the summer. I really want to land some projects over at RIT this year! It's a total dream to break into doing FX for movies. I've done a small handful of zombie films in the past, but nothing recent. I'm going to build stuff up anew (and replace/add what's needed in my kit on the way).

Here is a better practice piece using my rigid colodion (scarring fluid) for a full smile-scar.

And here is a little(r) scar.

I also tried my hand at a bruise, which quickly became a bit of a mess due to one of my makeup sets (I forgot the brand - will confirm later tomorrow after work) is SHITTY as hell! The yellow (a key component in a good bruise) was practically invisible!! So crappy... I think it turned out okay, though... more of a burn than a bruise, but it's still there.

And that's it for the night!