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The Leader of the Plaque

Some small bits before the Jazz:

-I made a little over a hundred bucks at the Village Market Days in Newark (my demographic in such a small neighbourhood are young people with a cool band tshirt (my first customer had a Becky Cloonan My Chemical Romance shirt on), and family (various family and family-like-friends bought the most).
-Jackie and I chit-chatted through the Dixieland music event that Ron and John played in (trombone & tuba). I love when we get to hang out and chill. But we both went over to the food cart to grab hot dogs and missed Ron's big song! Oh well, we got it recorded.
-I signed up for violin lessons from a private tutor at Eastman School of Music. I start Wednesday!

And Jazz.

Starting Friday, and going through this week, Rochester is holding the annual Jazz Festival, where a HUGE bunch of musicians from all over the world come to perform at more venues than I realized we even had, including a handful of free stages and tents set up in the street. Gibbs Street, where the bulk of the crowds gather, where Eastman and Java's are, where the food tents are, and the main free stage, gets renamed to Jazz Street during this event. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played the second stage, but I waited in line at Kodak Hall with Ron for a singer he wanted to see (gladly, I don't care enough about BBVD to lay blame here), so when they finally let people in and we said our goodbyes, I went around the corner to the second stage, but it was so crowded, I couldn't get around enough to not hear the first stage, so I decided it was a good time to go home anyway.

Ron gets the all-access every year (most in-house performances are $20 a pop, and he gets into those ones free, except the BIG names, which I'll get to in a minute). What I like best is that this year, we seem to have claimed a regular spot on the curb on Jazz Street, right outside Kodak Hall.

Let me tell you, the idea of sitting on the curb to eat street-meat with your best friend is an oddly satisfying thing, which makes the moment feel nostalgic. Moments like that are what summer is all about, no matter what your age.

Saturday morning, I woke up early (I needed to run a secret mission for Jeff before heading to Jazz St.), and I saw that Ron had texted me A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!

"I lucked into two tickets to Steve Martin's 4pm show today - offering to a few people at half-price deal (=$35!). first response gets it..."

THE STEVE MARTIN! He hadn't been back to the Jazz fest in 2 years! Those tickets are pricey! $70 is the nosebleed seats price! I never thought I'd be able to afford a ticket to see this man!

I took the bait and waited. That was at 11am.

And I waited.

And waited.

And then got bummed, because he wasn't texting back, and I was sure he'd given it to someone else, or that he changed his mind about offering it to me in the first place.

Then at 3pm, after I'd just about given up hope, he told me I win!!!!! I win, and he'd be there in a half-hour. Meet outside Kodak Hall.

I JUMPED from my bench seat and giggled so much, trying to refrain from causing alarm, blushing with glee, and almost crying! When he arrived, I gave him the biggest hug, still trying not to tear up.

And in fact, I DID cry during the first few songs at the concert! Like, really cried! I have no idea why, because I'm not that excited over Steve Martin! Like I said, I never thought I'd get to see him, and tickets are so expensive, I never thought to try. I loved the guy on SNL. I fell head-over-heels for him for Little Shop of Horrors. I saw a bunch of his movies when I was a kid. I totally had a crush on the Father of the Bride. But he's no David Bowie, no Tim Curry, hell, no Voltaire. So I have no idea why I cried, but I sincerely hoped Ron did not notice the tears streaming down my face.

The show itself was fucking phenomenal! Charles had told me the man was humorless in concert, but what the fuck concert did he see? He was hilarious! Making jokes right off the bat, and between each song. Some of the songs were funny-as-hell! He made a hymn for Athiests! That's SO him! I always knew he was a talented banjo player, and could sing, but wow! I never imagined this show. I'm so fucking happy!

I hugged Ron half-a-dozen times before we went separate ways again.

Stayed home yesterday to wrangle laundry. Today, I get out around 4, and I'll be joining him again. Hopefully for many meatballs (before I leave downtown, I have to remember to hit the ATM - the festival ones charge an arm and a leg).

For posterity, here's a photo of Steve Martin watching the World Cup:


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Jun. 27th, 2014 10:39 pm (UTC)
*LOL* Steve Martin watching the world cup made me giggle =)
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