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Finished Hemlock Grove last night. No Actual Spoiler Alert: Famke Janssen decided to go with her American accent instead of her mother-tongue Dutch accent this season, but they covered that... I guess.

The whole premise of the show is not that great. It goes into old-world creature lore, which is cool, but it's still hokey. The "monster" named Shelley, Peter (and) the Wolf, Destiny the psychic, Norman (the only normal one)... and then there's Roman Godfrey, the vampire that's not nearly as subtle as his brother, but twice as brooding. There's really not a character I hate, except all the ones that don't even matter in the first place (and wolf-girl from season 1). No, I take that back - I really don't like Destiny (but she's growing on me, sort of). My favourite character is Dr. Spivak only because he reminds me of a more cheerful Dr. Cox from Scrubs. I'm rooting for all the main characters (the Godfreys and the Rumancek families, plus Dr. Johann), even Olivia.

The ending was bullshit. They could have ended the series at Season 1. Season 2 didn't really get going til over halfway through anyway, and then they end on a massive cliffhanger that looks just fucking awful (but I'll still watch season 3).

The best part of the whole series is that it shows the real truth behind the dark and terrible meaning of G-Word (which I have blogged & reblogged about on a number occasions on SJW-vision Tumblr) and does not even try to romanticize it (though there's still the 'magic' stuff trope). The way the town treats them, how they're called "Gypsy trash," that is the true meaning of the word. That is why I don't use the word. It's offensive. Not trendy.

Next show I'm going to binge-watch iiiiiis.... the single season of Ripper Street that's on Netflix.


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Jul. 15th, 2014 05:32 pm (UTC)
RIPPER STREET!!!! Oh yes, you must watch it, it's amazing! It seems a little derivative for the first few episodes, but soon hits its stride and is visually arresting, tightly plotted and full of beautifully written dialogue.

Oh, and the men are hot. Really hot.
Jul. 15th, 2014 06:49 pm (UTC)
We marathonned it on Saturday.

This season started out wanting to be True Blood, maybe because Skaarsgard?
Then it finally occurred to it that it's not and it kinda got on track.
Then it took a turn in to Primeval.
All with a whopping feeling of "meh".

As for Gypsy. I have relatives that are/were. They aren't offended by the word and I choose not to be. Just like I have relatives that were "Tinkers" (Celtic "Gypsies") and we choose to not be offended by that either. In the US they also aren't met with that kind of ostracism, not like, say, migrant workers (which the two have completely blended together in some areas of the US, like So Cal). The magic isn't a "trope", as it is part of their belief structure, and it is a very powerful piece of it.
I've been called a "dirty, carnie gypsy" but it was by one person, once, who was a (bad) bellydancer and I found the irony hilarious.
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