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Start Wearing Purple

I got to see Gogol Bordello perform at the Armory last night! The show was fantastic! The opening band, Man-Man I've heard is good, but you couldn't tell with the shit-tastic sound quality (seriously, it's like they didn't even do a sound-check - the mixing was awful, too much bass, and I literally didn't catch one single audible word sung). But when Gogol came on, I got right up front! Not center, but that's okay, because I got a great view of the electric fiddler, who stole the show at times.

But fawn, you say, they're rife with "g*psy" this and "g*psy" that! We know how you feel about that! Well, I do feel about that, but that's who they are. They're mostly Eastern European and other worldly refugees- Eugene, the lead singer, came to the US as a refugee (after bouncing from camp to camp) after the Chernobyl meltdown. He's a Servo Roma. He has the most rights to the word.

I first heard of Gogol Bordello many years ago when I had regular access to my favourite music video channel, WorldLink-TV. They played music videos from all around the world, most of which were great. Gogol Bordello's video "Start Wearing Purple" was the first GB song I ever heard. I never heard anything like it, and I never would again til many years later when I'd see one of my all-time favourite films "Wristcutters: A Love Story" (based on Etgar Keret's equally good story "Kneller's Happy Campers"). The movie featured an actor who portrayed Eugene as a rock star suicide (everyone in the film/story were afterlife suicides), and featured a few of GB's songs.

Among them, my favourite:

They didn't play this one, but they did play Start Wearing Purple (which I did, by the way). Start Wearing Purple was the only song they played that I actually knew - I'd heard a few of the other ones, and I was able to sing along to the shoutbacks after a verse, but I haven't had much exposure to their music (which will change soon). I just knew I had to see them!

Elizabeth Sun, their only female bandmate, was introduced toward the end, and I could swear Eugene said she was from Rochester, but I can't find any online evidence to support what I heard.

So here are a bunch of photos taken with my iphone (I usually bring a camera to shows, but I knew I'd be bouncing around here, which makes a real camera a huge hassle). You can see where the lens gets more and more foggy. I'd like to chock that up to the fog machine, but they didn't really use one (closest we got was the rosin puffing off Sergey's bow). I didn't have pockets, so I kept my phone in my bra. The intense body heat took its toll on the camera lens, and moisture got trapped inside. It's fine now, but I didn't realize til it was too late that that's what was happening. That's never happened before.

Not to mention, 175 photos, and they're almost all blurry as hell. I snipped the selection down to 17 photos.


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Jul. 27th, 2014 03:15 pm (UTC)
I'm not familiar with the band - one of my friends likes them a lot - but it looks as if there's a lot of action on stage! ;-)
And not bad photos for phone photos ...
Jul. 28th, 2014 02:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Next time, though... I gotta wear something with pockets.
There was SO much action on stage! They really know how to rile up a crowd :)
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