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Boston / Cambridge / Comic Con / Cygnus X-1

Quick update before a longer one (maaaaybe a longer one, depending on how I feel this week) (edit: okay, turned out this is the long one anyway).

Went to Boston/Cambridge/Sommerville this weekend and got to stay with pax_athena, who is absolutely the most wonderful person and host and a great cook and scientist!

We took the metro to Boston on Saturday morning and got in the "already have tickets" line for Boston Comic Con, which wrapped halfway around the convention center. But we got to see a lot of costumes! My count for the same Dr. Who dress: 14 before we got inside (two of which were on the same streetcar as us). Count for the exact same Harley costume: 6. Count for a generic Batman tshirt: I lost count! Count for the best Loki shirt (worn by Pax): 1 ! I didn't see any Night Vale cosplay til I'd already gotten in line. I saw some cute Cecils & Cecil/Carlos pairs. I even saw a Kevin!! And she was so happy I recognized her right away! To top it all off, I saw one of my two BAE (Best Advisers Ever) Franzie (whose website I created last summer), and his whole family, who I also know well. That was insane! I didn't think I'd run into anyone I know, because most friends who go to conventions were instead at Otakon this weekend - I should have known Franzie would be there, though. He and his wife are the biggest comic book nerds I know!

There were two artists I wanted to see, and I saw them. Ben Templesmith is an absolute cutie-pie! He was funny, charming, and he really loved my name. I bought a Poe print from him, and we talked about accents, and how Canadians pronounce things right because they retained the Queen's English. Then told me to tell Simon Bisley he says Hello and to stay away from his daughter, which I did - Bis was the other artist I came to see. Bis was much less personable than Ben. I'd hang out with Ben all day, every day, if I could.

After, we took the metro back and got off one stop earlier to play with the Kendall Band. We took a much needed nap at home and then headed out to wander the grounds of Harvard, where I put up a couple of bunnies (I will put up a proper post about the bunnies this week, because even though I've known them since 2001, and have inherited posting them since 2006, I've never talked about them officially). I also put some up around MIT :) The visit to MIT was great! I got to see where Pax works and drew a black hole on her whiteboard.

So much walking was done. SO MUCH. I love walking all day every day, but my feet and knees don't. I haven't walked so much for so long since Jazz Fest a couple months back. My bad knee hurt on the car ride home, and I have blisters on both feet, even though I wore my walking shoes. Totally worth it, though. I arrived home in a dream daze, where I thought, "it sure is nice to go on a trip without my sister and mom for once" and "Stephen Colbert's essays are great, but I wish I'd gotten to hear that last one!" I remained in a daze through climbing up to my apartment, getting water, and crashing into bed. Weird.

Anyway, I loved talking about things and stuff and comics and black holes with Pax. I love knowing enough to talk about science, but not knowing enough so that I could listen and learn from the pro ;)

My favourite place to eat in Cambridge is Clover. Definitely delicious. And my favourite place to eat in Boston is the South Street Diner, which I found upon my exit (had to go to Boston to get on the thruway).

One weekend wasn't enough <3


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Aug. 11th, 2014 05:35 pm (UTC)
*iz jealous*
Aug. 11th, 2014 09:15 pm (UTC)
I WAS SO GLAD to have you here! <3 <3 <3

Will have to try the South Street Diner. Never heard of it before!

Ouch about your knees :( My knees are fine, but all the walking made my heels crack. Ouch.

And let it not be another 7 years before we see each other again!
Aug. 13th, 2014 02:03 pm (UTC)
It would be 7 DAYS if we weren't both busy this weekend already ;)

I have a bum knee from many teenage accidents where it took all the damage. I don't think it was because of the walking so much as the barometric pressure dropping - weather shifts tend to affect my already damaged joints.

How's your heels? I don't think I've ever experienced heel cracks. Ouch!

South Street Diner is a little trailer diner that serves the most basic of american foods (a burger-and-fries place) - which was apparently interesting enough to make a documentary about :)
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