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I already wrote a little bit about my Rocky jitters, but there's a little bit more (not much - even recapping will exhaust me to no end).

My cake collapsed on the way over to the theater, and on top of that, I forgot my coat. Our pre-pre-show notes were outdoors, in the rainy cold weather, outside the bar across the street from the theatre. But at least I got to drop my cake off inside before I had to head back out (we weren't technically allowed in the theatre til 11pm). Not five minutes inside the theater, while everyone dressed and got props ready, did I get down on my knees, inches from one of the Frank'n'Furter's asses, to help buckle garter straps. Ah, memories.

For anyone who doesn't know about the experience of going to a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, it is a night of crazy debauchery and yelling callbacks to the screen, while the shadow-cast performs the whole show, in costume, up in the front of the theatre. There are regular callbacks every cast uses, and some callbacks unique to each cast (with the occasional inside joke). Think "Mystery Science Theater 3000" but more loud and obscene.

The pre-show was a mixed bag - great gags, great dedications to fallen cast members, great little mini history... but then singing happened, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," but they played the karaoke version. Karaoke version without microphones makes for a sub-par performance. I don't know what they were thinking there. Oh, and then the "virgins" had to be "deflowered," by way of the usual "easy way or the hard way," involving stripping down to underpants, orgasm choir, getting auctioned off, and other sundries. Then we had the rules ("fuck the rules!" "fuck my rule, it's longer, harder, and more fun"), which I always enjoy. The rules are standard serious, but even they have ridiculous callbacks (no smoking, "unless you're having sex with a cast member, and if you're smoking during sex with a cast member, you're going way too fast, and probably using kitty-litter-condoms!"), and then finally, we started the movie.

Much to my surprise, the first part of the film was in black & white! I had no idea this was the original intention of the theatrical release. The movie was black & white til The Time Warp. Never knew. I mean... the lips is prolifically red, right? Right.

I'd watched my dvd copy earlier that night just to situate myself with my scenes, and the callbacks just came flooding out my mouth, even after ten years, after I'd long forgotten, and most surprisingly, I was able to get dressed, not even watching and still callback the visual cues (like during the credits, or finding Magenta's eyes - stuff that doesn't make sense unless you're watching the film). And at the performance, the callbacks came back even more, and I remembered ones I hadn't earlier, and even heard a bunch of new ones, and a bunch that were older than any cast I've been in!

One of the Criminologists dropped out of the show, but still showed up to help with crew. He was actually my favourite Crim, and he was the only one I didn't mind being with during the Crim-Orgy (where all the Crims shared a scene). The others I didn't know at all, and one of them hit on me relentlessly, more than is acceptable at Rocky Horror (the same guy who had once denounced Rocky and the cast when he decided to try being a born-again Christian). So weird.

Josh (who directed when I first attended Rocky) and I had equal enthusiasm, where we waded listlessly through the crowd, shouting our callbacks with gusto, but also feeling old and drained just being there. It's weird how exhausted I felt, but still went through all the motions without thought. More so than ever, the callback for "Let's Do The Time Warp Again" rings true: "Let's do the same shit again!"

I saw so many old friends (neither of my Rocky exes showed up, which I felt split down the middle about, 100% because I like the first ex, and the second ex is a horrible person who did horrible things to me). Many old friends decided not to perform or be in the crew, and just enjoyed the show as audience members. We completely packed and sold out the show, and so many people got turned away. To be honest, we could have kept it a private show for just cast members, because almost half the people in the audience had performed at one time or another.

Afterwards, I found a broom, and got to sweeping the aisles (Rocky Horror is a messy affair). Spent about an hour cleaning and chatting with folks after the show, and then we all headed to Jay's, but didn't stay long. Signed a lot of programmes like they were yearbooks. I wish I thought of doing that, but arriving late and leaving early didn't give me much time for that. It was 4am by the time we even got there.

What a night.

(photo by Andrea E. Leahey-Carella)


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Oct. 21st, 2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings were a fun part of the uni art scene oh...twenty something something years ago, ahaha. I am glad to see that people are still having great fun with this. I need to watch it again soon.
Oct. 21st, 2014 07:08 pm (UTC)
This was my first time performing in about ten years. I'm so surprised how much it's stuck with me ^_^
Oct. 28th, 2014 01:49 am (UTC)
You were so awesome and the cake was great. i wish I could have brought it home.
Oct. 28th, 2014 08:05 pm (UTC)
I wish I could have brought YOU home! We should have just had a food fight in the parking lot ;)
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