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Not my birthday, but my friend Brendan's. He's 32 now. We had a late afternoon call from his (brand new) wife Casey to say, hey, Old Toad tonight?

I put in a reservation for five of us at 8pm. The funny thing about the Old Toad is they never ever get any name I give them for the reservation correct. The pub is run by sexy-sounding British people. Usually, I give them my name, Fawn, and meticulously sound it out, spell it, say "like the animal," and even pronounce it so it rhymes with Porn (which is what my friend of the Queen's English says it rhymes with), and still I come to the bar with Dawn, Shawn, or last time, Swan. Last night, I tried to give Charles's name, and he thought I said "Chiles." I give up.

We had a few really delicious drinks from Evil Twin Brewing (delectably dark brews), and ate burgers and chips. We talked about getting older, and offbeat religions you can get legally ordained under (Troy officiated Brendan and Casey's wedding as an ordained minister of the Wookie church of Chubacchus (or something)). We kept the evening relatively short, as Bren, Casey, and Troy had to head over to the Vertex Xmas party, which I wish I could have attended - it's my favourite party of the season, but it's invite-only, and I haven't even gone to the club in about a year. Was hoping to change that this year, but then again, I didn't see getting dumped by my best friend at the beginning of the year for no reason (then subsequently becoming a hermitty introvert) coming, so that kinda shanked most of my new year plans of being more social. Fuck. This year, I hope.

The end of our night, we discussed having an old-fashioned Jay's Night Out (before our best friend Paul died, we'd all go out to Jay's Diner almost every night for coffee, and chat, and smoking, and hackey-sack in the parking lot while we sing the tunes of 80s video games, and playing multiple games of chess at once, and taking breaks for a few of us to sneak off to dumpster dive). We thought about who isn't part of the group anymore, and considered inviting them for old time's sake. I always tried getting us together again during my birthday, but my birthday's the day after Paul's, and I think that kind of kills the mood. But man, I'd love to get the old gang back together.

That'd be amazing.


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Dec. 18th, 2014 02:12 am (UTC)
Super sweet and nostalgic-sounding. Hope you can, indeed, get the old gang back together!
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