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Web-Free Weekend Update

Practiced the violin - one of the new things I'm learning is using my fourth finger (the pinkie/little finger), and it is TOUGH. But I am already developing the muscle, and I have some off-fiddle exercises I can do while I'm at work, too. My lesson yesterday yielded an unexpected result: temporarily saying goodbye to the piece I've been trying to learn (which is easy when I wasn't using 4th finger, but is meant to be used with it) and focusing on some generic lessons from the book, which I think will help. We also exchanged some hand and arm stretches that help us out (she showed me moves to prevent cramping in the bow arm, and the left hand, and I showed her some hand stretches for artists, which she really liked).

I did not finish my February doll display, but it's slowly coming together. I did end up fixing the stubbourn table. But now I need to figure out what's going to go on the very bare (but pink) walls.

I cleaned a bit of the bedroom (enough to make a nice big dent), put laundry away, did ALL the dishes (I kept waiting for Ch to do his share, but he never did, so I piled them all on the rack after washing them, and said, now you get to play that game of Jenga), cleaned the living room, got the trash out from all rooms, vacuumed, wiped down the surfaces in the bathroom... it felt damn nice to get things cleaned, even a little.

I have not touched my hourly comic, but I am hoping to do that this afternoon.

Wrote one long letter to a pen-pal, and responded to three emails from others. I have one more to write to and I'll be ready to mail.

I caught up on podcasts, only to have the week reset and now I've got a new pile to listen to. But also, re: today's XKCD comic, I'm pretty sure Randall Munroe listens to Futility Closet, because I just finished listening to the episode where they discuss what Nixon was meant to say if Neil and Buzz got stranded on the moon.

I filed my taxes!!!

And tonight, I have a date with Ron to see this film fest called 72-hour Mind-to-Movie, which makes up for not seeing any movies I intended to see over the weekend.


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Feb. 9th, 2015 05:43 pm (UTC)
I'm feeling tired just reading about all the stuff you accomplished ... ;-)
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