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Name: Fawn (on my mail), Fawndolyn (on my art), diello (on the internet)

Age: 35 (36 in October)

Location: Rochester, NY

Email: fawndolyn at gmail dot com

How do you identify(sexuality/gender)?: There are so many labels these days... If I want to be really specific, I'll say Cis-Female, Pan-romantic, Asexual (but to keep away from confusing people and having to explain everything, I just tell people I'm bisexual).

Occupation: Student tech support at a community college, web designer for artists, entrepreneur (steampunk baubles), and occasionally: SFX artist, DP, and extra.

Language: English, and some French (with an interest in learning German, Russian, and Japanese).

Religious views: Non-religious, not spiritual.

Else? I have a menagerie of depressive disorders, which are attributed to an estrogen dominance, and I'm medicated to keep it under control. Also, I am a fatty-boom-batty trying to get healthy, but struggle with willpower & motivation.


LJ Friends? Always open :)

What would you like to send/receive?: Letters, emails, whatever...

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: You. From anywhere. Anyone cool, or even lame. No jerks. No trolls. Someone with similar interests. And if you're significantly younger than me, that's fine, but I hope your folks don't mind either.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere! International packages are great, but I have a hard time reciprocating due to the hike in postage, so best just stick to letters.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive? (eg. "food/candy with nuts"): Poop, bombs, and severed limbs (unless said limbs are properly sealed in a glass jar), non-personal letters (I'd like to know you actually read the letters I send - that has been an issue in the past), and letters that are addressed to me but written to someone else (that has happened too).

What would be in your dream letter or package?: $200,000. Covers my student debt, full tuition for my next school, living expenses while at school, and a car to get me there. The pen-pal who sends me that will get SO MUCH love, and I'll send them awesome props from movies I'll work in, and practice stuff, and I'll even fly them down to give them a movie-monster makeover (and they can keep the prosthetics I make), if that's their thing. OMG that would be the best! Haha, sorry for gushing.

How many penpals do you have?: about 2 right now.

How many pen pals do you want?: As many as actually want to write with me.

How long are your letters?: I start off moderate-to-long, but then keep it loose (long or short) from there - but it also depends on your letters, too, if you give me a tweet-sized letter, that's not too much for me to reply to, but I still have my own life to talk about ;)

Do you hand-write or type?: I usually hand-write, but I do, on occasion, fall to a hand injury, or get cramped, and typing is easier during that time. Also, if we're email pals, I'm gonna type ;)

What age would you like your pen pal to be?: Like I said earlier, as long as you're cool with me being over 30, and your parents don't harp on me (they can spy if they feel so inclined, but I get defensive when I'm grilled), then I guess your age doesn't matter.

Would you like them to be male or female?: Doesn't matter. I've only ever had 2 male pen-pals.


Interests/hobbies: SFX makeup, violin, jewelry-craft, steampunkery, lolita, knitting (I'm a beginner), tea (over 35 varieties on my shelf, last I checked), sewing, charm & ATC swaps, collecting weird things (real & fake skulls, wet specimens, stamps...), drawing, copic markers, woodworking, web design (for artists), writing & blogging, my Ball-joint doll, internet vices

Favourite books/authors: Lord of the Flies, 1984, Lolita (my top 3). Chuck Palahniuk, Warren Ellis, Vladimir Nabokov, Irvine Welsh, Laurie Notaro, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Joyce Carol Oates, Bryan Lee O'Malley, George Orwell, Mathias Malzieu, HP Lovecraft, Etgar Keret, James St. James, Robert Heinlein, Aurelio Voltaire, Andy Deane.... (gurl, I could go on - here's my GoodReads)

Favourite films: Scott Pilgrim, the Dead Inside, Heavenly Creatures, An American Haunting, Tomorrow When The War Began, Easy A, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, The Gate, Frankenstein's Army, The Hot Chick, Shortbus, American Mary, Snowpiercer, Warm Bodies, Weirdsville, The Theatre Bizarre, ABCs of Death 1 & 2, Ginger Snaps, The Devil's Carnival, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Strange Days, Malice in Wonderland, Passing Strange... (my Letterboxd) (my top two favourite genres are horror and bubblegum chick-flicks)

Favourite music: Voltaire, Dionysos, Emilie Autumn, The Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields, Paul Halley Quartet, Malice Mizer, Dearestazazel, Bella Morte, Man or Astro-Man?, Olivia Ruiz, Miss Derringer, Seth MacFarlane, The Pillows, Warpaint, Stereolab, Nouvelle Vague.....(my concert/events list)

Favourite shows: (current) Venture Bros, Archer, Bob's Burgers, Gotham, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Constantine (aww, RIP), Gravity Falls, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Call the Midwife...
(long dead favs) Daria, Futurama, Firefly, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil, Ouran High School Host Club, Leverage, Buffy (have not finished, because OMG Buffy's mom, you guys!), Scrubs, Lexx, Twin Peaks, TNG, Aeon Flux, The Maxx, MTV Downtown, Lie to Me, Land Girls, Batman Animated, (and so many others - I watch tv shows while I art/craft)

Favourite podcasts: Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome to Night Vale, Sawbones, The Moth, Dead Authors, The Truth, Getting On with James Urbaniak, Lore, The Heart, Here Be Monsters, Nightmare, Pseudopod, Nocturne, Mortified

Picture (optional):

10439055_10152042198686856_2899510615856917163_n 532811_10150774495991856_1330874897_n

1737_10151306810241856_1531987511_n 1917929_109682891855_6832796_n

1936665_128963036855_35567_n 1526700_10152354041001856_1154711607760996204_n

Oh, and I 100% don't give a crap about internet folks learning my address:

Fawn LaRoche
10 Brighton St, Upper
Rochester, NY 14607

... as long as you don't scrawl it on a public bathroom or something.