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Random Update

Wow, it's been a while since I had a substantial post.

1) Friends
You know how there's roughly three levels of new friendship? Stage one: Indoctrination- getting a feel for your new friends and learning their social dynamics. Unsure whether you're really IN with them or not. Stage two: Sudden Insecurity: did I say/do something wrong? Did I screw up? Oh god, are they mad at me? Are they making fun of me? Stage three: "Hey Fucker" - You're totally one of the guys now. Congrats! You're in on a good handful of the inside jokes, everyone remembers your name, and introduces you around. You guys can talk and joke (even crudely) as if you've known each other for years.

I started in stage one, while my new friends jumped me directly to stage three, and after a day, I felt like I never wasn't part of their group! It's been a month since I started hanging out with them, and I'm having such a good time, every day! Yesterday, I walked around the block with Brian, and we discovered the Mexican diner offers free chips and salsa. I scorched my mouth on the spiciest salsa there.

2) Father
Last week, my dad got really sick and ended up in the ICU ward of the hospital. He has severe COPD (emphysema and a high carbon count in his lungs), as well as late-stage muscular dystrophy, and shingles (which he has had all winter long). He is 90 lbs. His carbon count was at 95% (it's now around 70%).

I went to the hospital to visit, and oh my god, it was so horrific. He could barely breathe, His frail body was hardly bigger than the tubes connected to him. He cried for help because he couldn't breathe, or because he was in pain, or because he wanted to eat, or lay down, or look up (he can no longer lift his head).

We all prepared for the end. We were all convinced his numbered days were no longer in double-digits. But then he started getting a little bit better. He can breathe a little better, and is in less pain. He will need surgery (a stoma in his throat, so now he'll sound like a robot), but they are wary to perform it, because his muscular dystrophy is so severe.

When I visited him, he was unable to eat, but I brought over a loaf of banana bread anyway, and he made a big deal about it, because it was the only thing he could eat, and he really loved it, and he yelled at any nurses who got near it. ^_^

As a direct result of this stress, I learned how to knit to take my mind off things.

3) Voltaire
I went to Buffalo to see Voltaire on Saturday. I brought a handful of "Voltaire Signal Corps" buttons to hand out to members, taught the handshake to one person, and gave the rest of the buttons directly to Voltaire. I met a bunch of new people (and the opening band, BlurrAngels, has a new fan in me). It was super fun, but also a little weird. My friend Tempest met me there, and she'd met V a couple weeks earlier at a convention in Detroit (Voltaire's Instagram was riddled with photos of the two of them, noted as the prettiest girl at the Midwest Media Expo, the prettiest cosplayer, etc). They talked about me (*blush*). And then in Buffalo, I saw just how close they'd become, as they started kissing and cuddling behind the merch booth. Like, for real kissing. I felt a little weird, because she is exactly his type, but really young (only 20), and he falls in love hard and fast. I felt a little worried for him in that respect, not only as a friend, but also, if she broke his heart, would he associate her friend, me, with that heartache? Maybe, maybe not. But other than that, we had a lot of fun. Tempest and I hung out a lot, and we chatted before and after the show. I liked that connection, which we don't seem to have sometimes, so maybe that's changed between us, for the better ^_^

Chilling out by the merch booth resulted in a whole bunch of goofy photos and videos of Voltaire, too.

4) Random Internet Firings
FawnBot has yielded some pretty amusing status updates based on previous updates, including great ones like "The Termite King is Milhouse," and "Why oh why have I need to bed."

I finally got around to separating my tumblr into two separate accounts - one for my original content and one for reblogs.

5) Art (and Voltaire, part II)
I am cooking up a few projects which hopefully bring in a little revenue. First course of action: get my etsy shop going again. Second, organize an art-in-envelope fundraiser. Third, finally finish illustrations for the new website.

I sent my application to vend in the artists alley at the second annual Voltaire's Wicked NecroComicCon! I get official word in June or July whether I got in. The convention is September 18-20.

And lastly, I have made a freaking video. I drew the picture in about 4 hours, and then took roughly 12 hours (collectively, over the course of three days) to edit. Painful process. I had to use a low-res version (my HD version was too big for my free vimeo account), but it's all worth it to get my first time-lapse video off my plate! I tried to contact Acker & Blacker and Workjuice for permission to use an episode of Beyond Belief to use as audio (it's about the same length as an episode), but they never got back to me, so I used some "open source" music that fits the theme. Play the video with sound for a collection of old-time radio music!

I loved doing it, but I don't think I want to go through that editing process for a while.


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May. 1st, 2015 04:59 pm (UTC)
So much good news, yay! *twirls* It sounds like you've been having a lot of fun. :)

I hope your father soon finds peace or gets better. You're a great daughter and the banana bread sounds like it really lifted his spirits! *thumbs up*
May. 2nd, 2015 05:00 am (UTC)
I am so sorry about your dad. That is just so hard, watching someone you love wither away like that, and not being able to help.
May. 2nd, 2015 04:49 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear your Dad is doing a bit better - hope he continues to improve & gets the surgery soon.
May. 6th, 2015 02:58 am (UTC)
I have never seen it explained this way - but yeah, I can totally see the three stages! Only that I always tend to oscillate between stage 2 and 3; 3 when I am around people and 2 once I get home and start *thinking*.

*hugs tightly* (And this was not a joke about there always being a place for you in Boston if you need it over at the other place ...)
May. 13th, 2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
and 2 once I get home and start *thinking*

I thought about Boston (and thank you so much!), but my time away in Toronto actually did a lot of good, too. *hugs*
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