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I'm trying to refresh myself. You'll probably read this one before my previous post, but I mentioned in the last one that I've been feeling lazy (and hopefully not depressed). I'm trying to do a mental reset, but one thing at a time. First laundry. Then cleaning, ugh. Then I have to list all the other shit I've been putting off, and do those things (most of those will be things like, download songs friends suggested, finish commissions, put a dent in the reading list, move violin setup in bedroom, etc).

I think I'd like to spend just one day cleaning, and not a million days. One day of cleaning to put me at ease for taking care of myself next, and then I'm gonna have a nice cool bath, with a nice hot tea. Do a little spa-treatment, too (exfoliating, nails, maybe even shave my legs, ooooh).

But for now, I'm mentally noting things I want to start doing again - more livejournal updates, start using the exercise/diet/health blog again (and start exercising/dieting/getting healthy again, of course), running, doing things in a timely fashion (can't tell you how long it's taken to write one letter to a penpal)...

To start, I flushed out inactive accounts from my friends list (over half the friends I had, whoo), retired some old icons, got some new ones, and got a new lj layout that's pretty neat.


Aug. 3rd, 2015 07:25 pm (UTC)
I reversed the order of things. Tub-spa day was Friday. Massive cleaning was Sunday. Got some reading done, downloaded everything I needed, played a video game, and finally got caught up on Saga! :D
It was kind of the best weekend ever, and I have no idea when I'll ever have one to myself again ;)