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Voltaire posted last night on facebook that he has bad news about his convention (but also good news about it), and that he would reveal the news tomorrow (today).

Got an email a couple hours ago from the head vending coordinator. Show's cancelled. Fuck.

He sent me Voltaire's message that will be going live tonight, and it says they're in the works of planning a one-day event in Manhattan, which I doubt I'll be able to vend (maybe attend, though). I'm super uncomfortable driving in the heart of NYC, and I'll have added stress with a giant luggage case of merch to drag around.

But hey, that's a $100 refund that'll go toward a new tattoo! I'm also going to look into vending the Steampunk World's Fair, but it's pretty pricey - $350 for a table. OUCH.

Plus side, I've got a shitload of new merch that can go up in my etsy shop! I may take the rest of summer to keep making stuff and then put stuff up. Or not.