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The Office

At work, my desk is located in the library. Two monitors, speedy rig, intranet IM system, phone, co-workers behind me. Last week, the library closed, and they're closed this week, too. They open back up on the first day of school (I work at a community college). I'm stationed in the Integrated Learning Center (ILC) for the time being. Oftentimes, I need to get security to unlock the doors for me, and I set up at one of the many lab computers.

The first three days, I had no phone access, but my boss came by to fix that. So my old office phone is here, on a 50-feet wire to stretch to the only available wall port. Not very office-y at all.

There's a separate desk in the back corner. The woman who sits there has been on vacation for nearly two months. She came back yesterday, and upon my arrival into the "office," she asked me to help her change her expired password. I set up the form once I signed in, and waited for her to come fill it out.

After taking the liberty to re-arrange the desk setup, her first password attempt failed, and I paid more attention on her next try.
"Are you sure that's your password? You only have 7 characters," I asked.
"I think I remember my own password. I've always had this password!"
Woah. I'm trying to help you here. I could make you go to the employee desk for this. "Well, it's just that all passwords are required to be at least 8 characters."
"Welp. It's the first 7-character password I've ever seen in my many years of doing this job, but just for giggles, let's go ahead and have you click on "forgot your password" and fill out THAT form."
Watching her fumble with things and ask me to validate literally every move ("Then I put in my birth date?"), I seriously wonder why she's allowed her own computer.

While she filled that out, I texted my boss: "Holy crap. Is Sandy a bit of a bitch? She's being really bitchy to me while I try to help her change her SEVEN char password." No reply for a couple hours. Meanwhile, she proceeded to tell me that my bottle of water, with the cap on, is not allowed on the computer desk. Really?! Text back from Bossman: "Yeah. She's wretched." Meagan (my best friend and co-worker on the other campus) said it sounds like she's trying to reclaim dominance. I'll say! She may as well have peed on my desk!

HOWEVER TODAY! Ohhh today. Came in. Surprised by an orientation event I wasn't told about. Covered that event from the lounge area (with laptops set up). Had to move all over the place, . At the end, I got to have a slice of pizza for my troubles.

Something went wrong with my timesheet, and my boss told me to see Yvonne about it (she's the secretary in the library, and she just got back from vacation yesterday, too). That means I got to go back to my old desk at the library.

Just the act of sitting back in my chair, at my desk, with my two monitors, and my co-workers behind me... I even got to sign into it!. So nice. SO. NICE. I felt like this big ball of stress just lifted away from me.


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Sep. 4th, 2015 02:38 pm (UTC)
Yep, I've been giving her the Overly Nice attitude. Thank goodness today's my last day here, and I never have to see her again.
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