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Best Birthday

Your birthday today, Oct. 24: There's no way to anticipate what tricks and tools you'll need in this year of surprises, but you're ready to give your superhero all. What you do for love at the end of the year will have magical results. Family bonds in fun and michief. Your social swirl gets interesting with the additions that February brings. Cancer and Taurus people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 30, 22, 27, 49, and 5.

That's the horoscope Brian gave me, torn from a newspaper and tucked inside a tiny 2-inch card. He also gave me a beautiful standard-sized card with an illustration of the Scorpio constellation. Inside was a random thought he had on his walk from the store: "A Holy name like Jesus Christ is now a swear word! Happy Birthday Wishes! -Brian". He also gave me a pack of Djarum Black cloves (vanilla flavoured), a pack of Super Awesome Cards (they truly are super awesome), and a half-mask of an old lady.

We watched Donnie Darko, drank beer, and we chatted outside on our smoke breaks about the rain, pets, and names. It was a really nice time.

Friday, Meagan came over to my house, and we watched movies and did crafty stuff. She bought me delightfully scented candles and taped photos of Viago and Chris Evans disrobing onto them. She also got me a few Twin Peaks patches for my punk hoodie (funnily enough, one of them I'd ordered earlier in the day, from the same shop. I immediately sewed them onto my hoodie :)

Long after I'd gone to bed, Charles came home and woke me up with presents. He had a pink vinyl knitting bag filled with goodies: Phantom (at Royal Albert Hall) on BluRay, Bioshock Infinite, The Time Garden colouring book, a large glass candle holder with an insect inked on, ouija board socks, a carrying case for coloured pencils, and a bag of corn kernels. I was confused on how he wanted me to pop those til he brought in another gift- a popcorn popper! Yaaay!!

Saturday morning, Meagan and I had to work a special event together at school. That lasted til 4pm, and we were surrounded by candy and cookies (there were also cheese and veggies, but still).

Saturday evening, after Brian left, Charles and I went to Jay's, as I'd planned to do all week, only I was nearly an hour late. At 8:30, one person arrived. Troy patiently waited for us, and met us at the door at 8:45 with a bottle of locally brewed Mead! Later, after we'd eaten, Brendan, Casey, Mike, and Holly arrived, and we all moved to a large booth in the back. I was really happy to have a good old fashioned Jay's night.

At about 11:30, Charles and I headed out - I had to pop home to grab money and my ID, and we headed to the club, where my friends Monica and Alex were waiting (for who knows how long, but they're not goth, so I don't know why they even went there). We drank and chatted and danced til last-call. I got a free birthday shot from Erik (the upstairs bartender), and many hugs from the usual Vertex crowd. The music was a bit too Euro for my mood (don't get me wrong - I love that music, but I just wasn't in the mood for it) until after 1am when they started playing some New Wave and classic stuff.

Made me wanna do this more often. Maybe I'll go to the Vertex Halloween party after all.

Rounded the whole weekend off with sushi at California Rollin' for lunch with my mom. She bought me a little pink Furry Bones Octopus, and I got free dessert.

Napped before I was meant to host pumpkin-carving, but the guests were all pooped out from yesterday, as was I.

This is the best birthday I've had in over 10 years. I got to hang out with all my best friends and do all the things I love (pumpkin carving commences Tuesday evening).

So much fun.


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Oct. 29th, 2015 09:08 pm (UTC)

Happy belated birthday,  all that sounds like a truly devine time!! :) I'm glad u had a good birthday :)

Nov. 2nd, 2015 09:26 am (UTC)
Belated birthday greetings! Glad to hear you had a lovely time.
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