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Well, it looks like things are coming back around to shitville. To mix up the order of appearances a little, I'll start with the most recent.

Sister is posting grim things on her facebook again, which leads me to believe all the super fun planning we've been doing this week so far is going to go into the garbage before the day comes when we're supposed to hang out.

Brian is in gaol!! In Syracuse!!! I have a feeling he's in the psych ward of whatever gaol he's called me from, because he's talkative, responsive, and just overall sounds like he's back on medication. He was apparently chased from his apartment, through the neighbourhood, between houses, over fences, by white-coats. He got away and hopped a train in the train yard. Arrested in Syracuse. He'll be in for a week before he has to appear in court. He says they'll either let him go, or keep him for six months. I'm hoping they let him go on the condition that he take the damn meds he needs to function.

I did cry. As I've said before, every time I think I've gotten the hang of this shit, he pulls the rug from under me with something new. In some corner of my mind, I felt responsible, because I brought up train-hopping the last time we talked, something he forgot he could do. He also said he doesn't want to come back to Rochester, and asked me if I had any money so I could buy him a ticket to Cleveland. Sigh. I hope this is par for the course. Hopefully, I'll talk to someone after work today, though he did ask me not to tell anyone he's in gaol. I wish they'd caught him in Rochester.

Meags undermined me at work yesterday by taking a call I had just put on hold, without permission. I was pissed, but at least I was able to reprimand her in person about it, as I was called to work over at her campus. I'm fine about it, though. Moving on...

I buckled under the pressure of my boss asking me to help make her daughter's wedding cake in October. She called me last month to ask if I could make one and I declined, because, 1) she called me on a Saturday night, and I felt more pressured than I would were I asked in person, and 2) October is usually my busiest month, and 3) I retired from making cakes due to the anxiety and upset it causes me and was feeling that anxiety rushing back right then about the thought of making another elaborate cake!

But today, she came up to me in person, and asked if I could at least help her make one. I said I would as long as I didn't have to bake anything - I'm okay to do the frosting and fondant. Decorating's a little more cathartic than the build process. I'll never be looking forward to it, though. I'm dreading it.

Always forward, never back. I have to just keep pushing through. I'm determined to make gold out of shit. This will end well, I'm sure of it!


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May. 4th, 2016 08:46 pm (UTC)
I'll be keeping Brian in my thoughts! I hope that everything works out in a way that's most helpful for his wellbeing and your stress level. EEK I hate nothing more than pushy co-workers. Although you agreed to help her with the cake, keep in mind that you have no obligation to do this and can rescind your frosting talents if this will be too much on your plate. You could even be like "but here's this Yelp link to other local bakers - hope they can help you out!"

Either way, you got this! Onward!
May. 5th, 2016 01:13 pm (UTC)
Otters! ...which is what I read "Onward!" to be, at first.
That's a really good idea about the Yelp suggestions! Thank you! I've never even charged for the cakes I've done - just the supplies. No idea how much I should be charging... eh, I've got til October to figure it out though ;)
May. 5th, 2016 05:59 pm (UTC)
i hope things get better soon :( i'm thinking of you <3
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