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Poops and Roses: Once Upon A Time edition

Once Upon a Time is one of my favourite popcorn shows.  It may be dumb at times, but for me, it always delivers.   It's diverse, and tackles a lot of touchy socio-evolutionary subjects (two moms, racial diversity (though the main cast is pretty white), LGBT, women with agency, not needing a man, etc).  And very importantly, they don't refrigerate their women and they don't (so far) bury their gays.  Even though 90% of the stories all strive for the same goal (their happy ending / true love - this is a fairytale show, after all), the journeys are really pretty complex, once it gets going.  Season 1 is a poor example of the show's potential, by the way, but it's kinda crutial.

Trying to avoid major spoilers, but some may slip, so skip if you care.

My favourite part of the show was when Regina, the [former] evil queen made herself barren just to spite her mother, and to stand against the patriarchy that tends to rule royal days of old, and says, "I won't be a baby mill for you, mother!"  In the Today storyline, she does end up adopting a baby, which is to say, even if you do decide to sterilize, motherhood is still an option if you want a kid down the road.

My former favourite part of the show was the relationship between Belle and Rumple.  Belle started out as a smart cookie, and fell for her Beast while he was still 100% beast (The Dark One).  She spent a good portion of the show thereafter trying to tame the beast and mold Rumple into a better version of himself.  However, around season 4, the writers decided they don't care that much about these characters anymore, so Rumple is gonna start being a bastard behind Belle's back, while she's literally asleep - she spends most of her screentime in a whole season asleep to explain how she remains totally oblivious to his shenanigans.  Season 5 (and 6, so far) is spent with her constantly dumping him and running back to him.  Even going so far as to banish him from Storybrooke.

What pisses me off is that she fell for the beast, not the powerless man.  Rumple is both, and like he said recently, you can't have one without the other - they're both him.  And I'm not defending stockholme syndrome, because this version of Beauty and the Beast is far more complex, but he's right.  This season has been her straight-up trying to change him into someone he's not and doesn't want to be.  She's no longer trying to better him, she wants him completely changed.  She wants him to give up magic (until she can't break into her ex's locker and wants him to magic it open, a humbling moment which she still tries to weakly defend).  It's like falling in love with a [insert literally any occupation here] and then expecting him to quit after getting married.  It's annoying.  You fell in love with one of the biggest big-shot villains, dearie.  Hundreds of years old.  And you want him to change overnight?  Fuck you.


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May. 16th, 2016 01:17 pm (UTC)
I used to like Rumplebelle but now not so much, for the reasons you have just stated. So frustrating the writers have taken them in this direction.
May. 18th, 2016 03:13 pm (UTC)
And it's getting worse! The finale seemed like it was starting to get him back to the older well-rounded character, but it stopped short, and now I have to wait for whenever the hell it comes back.
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