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I haven't been to a concert on a weekday in a long time, but last Thursday, I caught Anamanaguchi (the band responsible for a good chunk of the score to the Scott Pilgrim film, as well as the entire corresponding video game). I thought they were chiefly a simple chiptune band with some rockin' undertones. While they do have synthesized music in the background, their core is live instruments! I was pleasantly surprised. The audience were a mix of nerds and hipsters, and I not only felt like one of the oldest people there, but also felt like the only girl who wore glasses with which I actually needed to be able to see.

The band was fantastic. Really talented, and really lively music. The only weird part was when the lead guitarist would occasionally 'talk' to the audience, in a premeditated quirky manner, like a 4-year-old talking to a girl he likes for the first time (he had no problem speaking like a standard adult after the show).

Then moshing started. I definitely did not expect a mosh pit to suddenly be slamming into the back of me. I would have worn contacts if I knew it was that kind of show. There was a little kid in the front row - maybe 8 years old, and his dad had his arms caged around both sides of him, up against the stage, successfully protecting him from flying bodies, me included, when someone slammed into me and I lost my footing. Another girl stood next to me, and she wasn't having it either. We both turned around and stood with fists at the ready, while also bounce-dancing to the music, looking like a fighting game character.

For the last song, they released giant glowing beach-balls for the audience to fling around. Seemed like a great idea, until the balls started knocking out tiles from the ceiling, and knocking over equipment on stage (which didn't actually faze the band). One of the balls knocked off my glasses, but the thing about Rochester mosh pits and rowdy concerts that I love is if there's anyone visibly in trouble (say, someone falls in the pit, or someone loses their glasses, the whole crowd around will stop being rowdy for a minute and help the person in need. My glasses managed to fly about 6 feet away, and someone from that distance brought them back for me within minutes. I got them back on just in time to see some kid crowd-surfing, feet-first toward my face and managed to get out of the way.

Overall, the show was fun, even if I felt a bit out of place in the audience, and I would see them again. Without glasses.

(pano shot where the bassist moved too much)

(pano shot where the light-bars, and small details, didn't line up)


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May. 25th, 2016 09:55 pm (UTC)
So glad your glasses found their way back to you! I saw the Born Ruffians perform live a few months ago and I felt so old – mostly because I was really tired after like four songs and had to leave early. #GrandmaStatus
Jun. 2nd, 2016 02:19 pm (UTC)
After age 25 or 26, I started getting tired after only a few songs. I'm super excited, but at the same time, I'm thinking that future concerts will have me in the back, maybe by the bar or on a stool or something.
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