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Buy and Sell

Charles stress-shops, but I tend to shop when I feel good. Or when I feel like I have more money than usual. Combination of both, this month.

I decided I wanted to get a few new BPAL Imps (sample vials from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab), so I scoured ebay for deals. This led to seven separate purchases of both imps and full bottles. I now have almost 60 imps and 3 bottles. Hoping to make a holding case for them this weekend.

(for anyone who cares about the categories: Yule, Pretty Deadly, Lilith (Fatherhood), Mad Tea Party, Wanderlust, Halloween, Bewitching Brews, Metamorphosis, 1-each of 13 other categories, and the bottles: Haunted Palace, Bruised Violet Compound, and Snake Oil)

Tim took me to a hidden-gem bookstore on a little side-street downtown early last week. I'd have never known anything was there if he hadn't shown me. The bookstore's closing, either permanently, or due to a location change, so everything's marked way down. We scoured the history section for a book for Brian (for his birthday the next day), and then we went scouring for books for ourselves, too. At about $2 a book, Tim generously paid for my heap, too.

Margaret Ogilvy, by JM Barrie. Chevalier de maison rouge, etc, by Alexander Dumas. Seven Nights, by Jorge Luis Borges. The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (67 short stories!!). If on a Winter's Night a Traveler, by Italo Calvino. La Voie du Silence (a random French book I got because it's in French, and it turns out to be a yoga book).

And I had a table at the gothic garage sale. It was like pulling teeth to get in proper communication with the show-runner - Meagan and I just needed confirmation for our spots, which we requested be next to each other downstairs. He got in contact with Meagan fine, it seemed, but thought I was talking about a different Meagan (I used her full name in the emails, so there should be no confusion). We got situated fine, got a good spot together, and then he treats us like assholes, thinking we were supposed to booth together when we made it completely clear in all the emails that we are buying two spots, one for each of us). I get that it's hard to organize events like this, but even I could have managed better than he did.

I did like the downstairs much better than the upstairs. I'm usually posted upstairs in the dark. We got a spot by the window, right in front of the bar. Meagan sold her jewelry and some garage sale items. I sold my jewelry, some new items (heart mirrors, no pics yet), and my sushi book. It was great. I made about $80, most of which got spent on the surrounding booths.

Score: new purse, fawn blood painting (not menstrual), Hello There Hideous Ickis shirt, Rochester Flower City patch, Fry pin, Nosferatu pin, Oblina toy, BPAL imp and perfume vial, and a leather Ouija hair clip.


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May. 27th, 2016 01:09 am (UTC)
Dumas, Borges, Nabokov, and Calvino would have totally went home with me (also because I actually haven't read these books by them).

I hope the bookstore is not closing. Bot enough independent bookstores out there D:
Jun. 2nd, 2016 02:11 pm (UTC)
It's funny because that specific Calvino book JUST got on my to-read after reading a recommendation. And I didn't really even realize Nabokov wrote short stories, so I'm really excited about that one!
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