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I don't know how we came upon the discussion, but I decided I wanted to confirm to Charles that I have a Top Three of favourite Beatles songs. As he helped me come up with a number 2 and 3 for my list (I only knew my top favourite one), I decided, maybe I could do a Top Five, and then it came down to a Top Ten.

It took two days to figure out a tenth song I loved. Charles sang bits of every song from every album, only he skipped a couple here and there, which I discovered when I eventually gave up and went on Spotify. Then I threw them in order. I think I got it.

1) Here Comes The Sun
2) Across the Universe
3) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
4) Penny Lane
5) I Wanna Hold Your Hand
6) All My Loving
7) And I Love Her
8) Help
9) Hey Jude
10) Strawberry Fields Forever