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Face Space

I don't usually post about my Facebook, unless I'm talking about a certain interaction within or something. But I'd like to share a few of my pages. The newest page is at the very bottom. I really hope it gets a few more likes. I'm really rubbish at plugging my own stuff, but it's gotta happen if I'm going to try to make it, right? Right.

Chocolate in my Cleavage
Dextra started this meme page, and then gave me accomplice access last year. She does this thing I do with mixed tapes/cds, which is find a phrase within and make that the album name. We rock some funny and occasionally offensive shit on that page. Check it out! And while I'm on the subject, check out...

Dextra Hoffman's Art and Junk
Her work is gorgeous, and I love it! I'm pretty sure I posted her David Bowie piece a little while back.

Now for my own pages:

Honey in my Gears
It's a name I've had for roughly 20 years now across many platforms (alongside diello). The facebook page is made just for my jewelry, which is also for sale on etsy. I organized the hell out of this after making...

Fawndolyn Art
This page is brand new! I have sections for copics, watercolor, brown bag, inktober, all kinds of stuff (actually, that might be about the range there). I'm hoping it'll entice me to make art again.