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Trying to be organized.

I'm trying to be organized. Part of that is cleaning my house from top to bottom (I literally started at the top, cleaning my entire attic. It's beautiful up there; or it would be if it had a proper ceiling and swept floor - no broom in the 'verse can sweep that amount of dust).

After cleaning all my most used rooms (my workshop has no circulation, so it's way too hot to use or clean over the summer), I took everything that needed to be put in its place and did just that.

I did a practice run of a morning routine to see how much time I need to get ready for workdays. Roughly 45 minutes. That means I have to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier to be able to not feel rushed.
I should time the rest of the stuff I do throughout my day.

I made a lot of additions and a few subtractions that made everyday life easier.

Kitchen stuff: paper towel holder, potholder holder (which was a paper towel holder I found in the attic immediately after buying a new one), a much more functional (and cuter) drain-catch, and a sponge holder. I also removed a small-but-tall shelf from my room and put it in a perfectly sized gap on the counter between the cabinet and stove. I put my most-used spices and oils on it. Top shelf for the kettle, bottom shelf for the bucket of cooking utensils. It makes the kitchen seem so much bigger.

Bedroom stuff: cute photo boxes for photos, cards, and important mail I can't just get rid of yet, a basket for all my (non-makeup, non-hair) primping products and medicines, a cool skull box for all my hair accessories and bracelets (holy crap, I needed that one), an extra drawer for my socks, a new case for my makeup, a habit-changing board, an inspiration board (which needs extra support - it is huge, and it just fell off my wall), and donated a bunch of crap to make room for things that needed new homes.

Living room stuff: A new table with chairs from IKEA (second-hand), a new couch, moved my Wii back from the workshop. And that's about it. I didn't do much with the living room yet.

Sewing room stuff: Got rid of two huge clusterfuck drawers of crap (and then Charles promptly moved new stuff back into it. Sigh).

Other ways I'm trying to improve myself: better bras, actual eye-makeup remover (I just use cold-cream as close as I can and then finish it up with baby shampoo), cleansing conditioner to replace shampoo/conditioner, back on my estrogen-dominance meds, actually doing the things I say I'm going to do (this one's pretty hard), paying attention to my spending, saving money, preparing shit the night before, low-carb diet, and de-cluttering my life. It's a steady process, but I'm glad I can do it.

Sorry this post was boring as hell.


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Aug. 30th, 2016 08:48 pm (UTC)
I actually use a chart like that as well! But mine is paper.
Aug. 31st, 2016 01:31 pm (UTC)
I've tried doing paper ones in notebooks, but they just aren't prominent enough. I've tried writing a schedule I keep in whatever book I'm using most. I've even tried setting alarms. But they never work. Schedules always get booted out of order when life gets in the way, and then it throws the whole system. So a checklist that's big and in my face for half the day is the new best thing, as long as I do most of the items before the day's out :)
Sep. 1st, 2016 12:24 am (UTC)
Oh yes, having the right boxes and enough space for everything is so important. I always have this one big bowl in my random that is for "random small crap". I periodically empty it and find the right place for stuff, but it's just so useful for keeping the surfaces clean. And sometimes stuff lives there for a while, when it has a place in general but it's just not very convenient for a while to get it out and put it back again all the time.

(Not that I am super organized in my rooms overall, but I am getting better. And I also know that I just feel better with more order around me.)
Sep. 1st, 2016 04:41 pm (UTC)
I made some bowls out of records that are my official "random crap" bowls (in retrospect, the big one should have gone to the craft room, and the small one for the living room, because the craft room one overflowed onto the floor yesterday).
Yeah, when I sit down to do something like a hobby (reading, drawing, or whatever), I always feel guilty if there's too much chaos in the room, especially if it's easy to mend. A clean space is one where I can just lounge on the bed reading comics all day :)
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