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I just checked my mail and I sold the most expensive thing I have listed on eBay (a $175 original Sophie Campbell Wet Moon illustration)!

I'm selling off a lot of Sophie Campbell stuff (formerly Ross Campbell).

Cat out of the bag, she's my ex, and we had a nasty breakup. I'm not gonna go into details, but the breakup completely blindsided me and she gaslighted me into thinking it was all my fault, even though it wasn't. She also did this to a handful of her other friends.

It sucks to get rid of some of this stuff, but it hurts too much to look at it. I've still kept some of her older stuff, but I'm still struggling with the idea of getting rid of those - she'd personalized some of them, and even gave me a shoutout IN the last Wet Moon comic.

Hell, the Glory books already on the chopping block have a photograph of Ross that I took - Image used the other photo I took in one of the TMNT comics, too. It's like cutting off that one part of me that felt useful to her (at one point, hearing about the other friends she ditched, I assumed she dumped me because I wasn't useful to her career).

Anyway, I have some of her original Hunger Games illustrations, Wet Moon prints, and a couple comics left.


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Sep. 4th, 2016 10:44 pm (UTC)
Sorry the relationship ended so poorly, but I'm glad you're able to sell off that stuff for good money!
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