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9/11 Meet 11/9

I haven't been in this kind of shock and numbness and anger since September 11th, 2001. I watched the polls obsessively until the moment, around midnight, that Pennsylvania turned from blue to red. I threw my phone off the bed and shut my eyes. I knew this would be the last time I'd get some sleep before rage kept me up in the aftermath.

I bawled my eyes out in the morning when I checked the phone to confirm my worst fear. I think that was the last time today I felt pure dread and sadness. After that, the tears came, but no feeling to pair with it. Just a wash of numbness.

You fucking people*.

This was not the time to protest-vote. This was not the time to throw your vote away on some third party who you damn-well knew had no chance. You fucking knew die-hard republican right-wing extremists only had one candidate to vote for. You knew the only chance to keep him from office was to vote for Hillary, and not some other person who doesn't even matter.

NINETY electorals could have gone to her if you hadn't voted third-party. A number of votes actually went to Harambe - a goddamn DEAD GORILLA.

Fuck you idiots.

And fuck all you selfish assholes who didn't even vote at all because you thought it didn't matter. This election was the difference between no change and the worst fucking change. If you're working poor and no president has ever affected your life before, what the fuck difference would it have made to elect Hillary? But no, you goddamn let the next Hitler into office. Seriously, look up how Hitler came to power. You elected someone who wants to deport millions of people based on the color of their skin, to "correct" LGBTQ+, to take safety away from women, and to register all Muslims. How does that not sound familiar to you?

Yeah, the two-party system sucks. Yeah, it sucks that this is the first election in FIFTY YEARS without the voting rights act protections making sure people of color and other marginalized groups can get to the polls. But the people I saw who just hmm-haw'd at home on voting day were white millennials. I try hard not to blame millennials for dumb shit regarding the decline of society, but this? This is one instance I can lay at least part of the blame on you little pieces of shit.

You want to change the two-party system in this country? You want to change the electoral process so that Hillary's million-votes ahead actually meant anything? Then do something about it BEFORE it's too late. I mean, do it NON-STOP. You have to dedicate some serious power behind making any change in this country. You want things to change, but you don't want to DO anything that makes a difference. Instead, you just fuck the country.

Like you never learned anything from Brexit.

I have disconnected my Facebook accounts from those who openly supported him, and from those who liked his page, including my own sister and grandmother. My grandmother - the only connection I have left to my First Nations (native) heritage. I think it goes without saying that if you voted for Trump, you can show yourselves out of my friends list. This isn't politics you've voted for. It's personal. It's hatred. A vote for Trump is a vote for removing basic human rights and invalidating the suffering of so many people. As a queer native non-Christian woman, I say: Go shit yourselves.

*obviously not anyone who voted to keep him out.

The silver lining is seeing loads of TRANSMETROPOLITAN images on my feed, as well as the realization that punk music is going to get good again.