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Fuck Off, 2016!

This fuckin' year, eh?

I've been meaning to break my LJ silence for a long time, but the Dark Times (tm) got to me. This whole year got to me. It's been a roller coaster.

I spent a large portion of the year trying to perform the simple task of getting my shit together. I joined a gym, I got a Fitbit Flex (which I no longer need, so if anyone wants to buy it, hit me up), I started using a DivaCup, I upgraded my bed, upgraded my wardrobe, upgraded my makeup, donated a shitload of clothes and other crap I'd cleaned out from my home, I came out as asexual, I got a brand new violin, and I found a great diet that really works for me.

I tried new things, partly due to getting back into regular hang-outs with Emily, but also by drawing inspiration from other sources and friends. I applied to some conventions as an artist (instead of my usual jeweler 'sona), I joined an aerial yoga class and a pole fitness class, I hosted a Skype-in with my Whitechapel family, I had an experience with a hash brownie (my first and definitely my last), I voted for a woman to be president, I tried Pokemon Go (my first Pokemon experience at all), I translated three episodes of a Canadian French tv show, and I even wrote a waltz with my friend John.

Then, of course, there's the shit. All those deaths aside (David Bowie, my god, that hurt so much - I could barely cope at work, and still cry thinking about him being gone), Brian stopped taking his meds, and I slowly had to deal with him going insane, from being a sweetheart who spent sick-time on the couch with me, to being an angry hobo, so filthy that he ended up giving me bedbugs, disappeared several times, and eventually started actively hating me before landing in the asylum. He's not the only best friend who put me through emotional strife this year. I've had scares of suicide attempts, been outright betrayed, and even ghosted. But the good outweigh the bad, and I mostly forgave.
Low-key shit included going to West Virginia, which became the world's longest mistake of a weekend with no escape for even a minute. And being fired for half the summer. And seeing a beating at a riot downtown, in my own backyard. And Trump winning. Man, fuck that guy with course-grit sandpaper. At one point, I said fuck everything and built a blanket fortress of solitude and stayed in it all weekend with a video game and Oreo cookies. And did you see that Rocky Horror remake? Nightmare!

I got to attend a few cool events. Yearly parties and picnics, weddings (my friends Jackie and Chris, and Niki and Carl), sushi night, three Thanksgivings, abandoned subway adventure (when I also discovered another awesome art store), Jay Lincoln debuted his Tarot paintings (of which I had two friends be models), I went to IKEA for the first time, I had several bookshop adventures courtesy of Tim (who bought me many great books), I attended one moderately busy visit to Toronto involving the usual comic festival and a few run-ins with Robin who published a rad book about Ontario beer, and one really busy weekend in Toronto involving a group hangout with Toronto Whitechapelers, Nuit Blanche, and IMATS. I watched many performances including Jeff and Ron, and I got to see Emmet Otter performed live!

End of the year stuff? I started watching one of my favourite artists' live feeds (3x a week), I got bit by a tiny ball of terror my aunt calls a dog, and drunken shenanigans with Sam led to me finding a niche product that became very popular in the eyes of friends with money to burn on a painting!

Now for things seen and heard:

The Revenant
The Oscar-Nominated Animations
Dead pool
The Witch
The Mermaid
Inside Out
The Lobster
Batman The Killing Joke
The Devil's Carnival 2
Kibo & the Two Strings
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Miss Peregrine's Home for peculiar Children
Suicide Squad
Under the Shadow
RHPS the shit of all shits
Neon Demon
Little Sister
Gray Gardens
The Voices

Rick & Morty
Stranger Things
The Magicians
The Night Of
Gothic Homemaking

Vampire en Pyjama, by Dionysos
Over the Garden Wall soundtrack, by the Blasting Company
Working Stiffs Unite, by Sisters of Murphy
La 4ième Dimension, by Les Hay Babies
I-VIII, by Guild the Mourn
Dark Drive, by The Rain Within
Cry Baby, by Melanie Martinez
★, by David Bowie (which I haven't heard yet, because I just can't, but it needs to be here).
Mon Corps Mon Amour, by Olivia Ruiz
Beat the Champ, by the Mountain Goats

Was going to include books and comics, but there's over 30 this year, so just roll over to my Goodreads

Portal 2
Beyond Two Souls
Heavy Rain
Batman Arkham Origins
Bioshock 2

The Mountain Goats
Shonen Knife
Periodic Table of Elephants
Fox 42
The Undead
Sisters of Murphy
Nuit Blanche

Art to follow...


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Jan. 3rd, 2017 06:29 pm (UTC)
5 million cheers for Diva Cups and coming out! I hope that 2017 is an easier year for you though, especially with Brian stuff <3
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