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The best thing about the inauguration was seeing all that empty space. The worst thing was seeing how shitty he treated not only the country, but his own wife. But that emptiness in the yard made me laugh.

was busy!

I attended a rally against Lord Cheeto in the morning. Tried finding some friends who convinced me to get out of bed and go, but no luck. I did run into my friend Nick who introduced me to his friend as his first ever fan.

After the rally, I went to the museum to meet up with my mom and sister for the MC Escher exhibit. Amazing. So many pieces I'd never seen before, including some of his litho-stones and woodcarving/engravings. I did have a couple of mild anxiety attacks in the rest of the museum, owing to my last experience with my mom and sister at this museum being so extremely terrible and alienating.
Afterwards, we went to the Gatehouse Grill, on my suggestion. I told them they had the best burgers in Rochester. Nobody was disappointed. Nobody denied my statement. My sister's boyfriend was awestruck at the flavour.
Before finding our way to their new location, I ran into my friend Tempest, who owns Sweet Poison Cupcake Designs a few doors down. I visited her for a long time before my family started calling me to get over to the restaurant. Visited her after, too. Much fun :)

I invited my sister over after dinner, because I had some things to give her, but I was cutting it close to the time I had to meet Ron for a snack at a nearby cafe, so I told Ch. what things to give to her and he dropped me off at the cafe. He gave them a tour of the house (my sister had been there plenty of times, but this was her boyfriend's first time over).

Ron showed up about 15 minutes after I got there, and we got some food and drinks and went into the other room where there was a table big enough for four (John and Matt joined us, too). We talked about exercise routines, names, exes, and the most fucked up porn we've ever seen. I feel like I won that one ;)

We parted about an hour after meeting up, since they had a show to attend down the street (I was too broke to join). I walked home and hopped on the tablet to join some fellow Whitechapelers in chat, before Ch. came home from wherever he went and we went out again.

I enjoyed seeing so many great friends all in one day :)

I spent the whole day drawing (see previous post, and/or FB).


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