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It's no Oscar-worthy show, it's not like the comic books, but I still really liked Riverdale. The show isn't mind-blowingly memorable, but that first episode will definitely have me coming back.

Jughead, who is writing a book based on the murderous summer bang that opens the show, is the narrator (whose presence is otherwise pretty lacking in the first episode). Cole Sprouse (possibly best known as one of the twins from Disney's Suite Life of Zack and Cody, all grown up into a proper 'teenage' heart-throb) is worth a follow on Twitter. He's delightfully nihilistic. Equally important: he fought for Jughead to be asexual (there are insinuations of it being a losing battle, but it's the fight that's fierce).

I had a hard time accepting internet theories of other possible sexual orientations for Jughead - gay or ace/gay. I have no problem with that being the case in the show, but I prefer him aro/ace - I myself am axexual and panromantic. But Jughead being asexual and aromantic is the closest representation I have for me. I ranted on the subject of not accepting the other theories, and I got assholishly defensive to the point where two people called me out on my gatekeeping bullshit, and I snapped out of it, apologized, and deleted the whole thing. But now I understand gatekeepers a little more, I guess.

Anyway, moving on.

The characters are just how I imagined they'd look outside the comics. The attitudes are a little off, some enhanced, some diminished, but the spirit is there. I mean, look. I love Afterlife with Archie (the Archie zombie apocalypse storyline), and I love the beautiful reboots. I love pretty much any universe as long as it's got the spirit of the classics. The show may be extremely CW with hyperdriven drama, but what shows aren't? I read so many complaints about it not being Archie enough. They all saw the previews and publicity on it, right? What were they expecting? Dude, go watch the cartoon if you want classic adventures. It's still syndicated on Qubo.

My theory, upon first hearing about the plot (and discovering who the murdered kid is), is that Cheryl killed him, and possible false-lead suspects will be: Reggie, Jughead, and maybe even Archie.
After seeing the first episode, I'm now 99% sure Cheryl killed him in an incestuous fit (1% thinking it was Betty's mom). But I'm adding Kevin, Betty, and Polly to the false-lead suspect list.



Feb. 4th, 2017 07:50 pm (UTC)
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