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It's Been Ten Years

It's been ten years since I lost the love of my life. For several years, I tried to gather friends at our nightly haunt (Jay's diner) to celebrate his birthday and mine (we were a day apart). People were almost never interested. No one was interested when they said it was for his birthday. When I got people to come out for my birthday, I was always talked over when I tried to toast Paul. Hell, I created a facebook group for those of us who regularly spent time together at Jay's, just so we could orchestrate an official get-together. Like old times. I guess I had to wait til it was ten years since Paul's death. I had to wait til his sister decided to make it happen. Paul was my soulmate, and I could never get our friends together for him.

But the affair was really nice. And I got to see a whole bunch of photos of Paul. None with me in them, though. I took several pictures of him, but the only photo that existed of the two of us was lost to the annals of myspace, never to be recovered or found on hard-drives. It breaks my heart to feel the way I feel about us, and to not have any photos of us together. And flipping through these picture albums, seeing a bunch of photos I'd never seen before... I really hoped that one picture would have shown up on the next page-flip.