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Together Again

Tim caught me in Java's and stopped by to say hello. Asked how Brian's doing. Asked if we're dating again. I blushed, and he called me out on it. "Yeaaah, you're dating again!"

I guess it's true that things seem like they're back to what they used to be. Except I can only see him once a week in an enclosed space (though lately, he's had outing privileges inside the compound, which is a nice change of environment, even if only slight).

I bring him coffee and a cookie from Sasso, and he really looks forward to it. He always makes sure I remember to buy myself a coffee, too, so we can make it like a coffee date, like old times at Java's and Fuego. It's sweet.

He talks a lot about angels, star signs, energy powers, and Hitler. I always had to escort him out of the library (where I work) when he starts spouting about Hitler, jeezus. At least it's not weird at an asylum.

Last week, he met me near the entrance (a great surprise, as I usually have to wait at the door to his ward). When I signed in, he rushed me to a private hallway. I still had my coat on, and in my pocket: my phone! So I let him surf YouTube the whole night. Killed my data-bank (halfway through the billing cycle and I've already used about 95% of my data). But it was worth it. It was a really nice time.

He's been talking like they'll make him stay on the medication for a year again. He's also been talking like they can't force him. He has to want it. He'll never want it, so I really hope they mandate it. Then again, he did check himself into the asylum this time. That's a step he's never taken before...