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Things I learned the hard way this week (plus extra about a new job):

1) Black charcoal face peel masks from Singapore should NOT be applied to the eyebrows, lips, under-eye skin, or too close to the whispy hairs near the hairline.
These masks should also not be applied to the whole face ever, unless you like pain or feel you need to be punished for something.
On the other hand, they work worlds better than standard American pore strips, so from now on, I'll just use it on my nose and stick with liquid face peel rubs from now on.

2)The American health care system still sucks. Last year, I had massive confusion regarding my coverage and ended up not being covered for ten months. This fucked me so hard, sparks shot out. The fee, come tax time, was over $500, depleting what I would have gotten back in a tax return into a $150 deficit I have to pay in April. Plus sides: no medical needs last year, got my taxes done, and since figuring out my budget, I know I'll be able to afford the fee.

3) The first law of the internet is if I have to know about it, you have to know about it. And if Sam has to know about it, I have to know about it. I apologize in advance, but...
The end of the internet was reached the other day. There exists in the world ventriloquist dummy porn. Not puppets pretending to fuck each other. But puppets fucking and fisting a real chick. You can see the exact moment she realized she may have taken a wrong turn somewhere in life. But fuck if she isn't getting paid some serious cash for it.

4) During a lockdown (where you hide from a threatening situation on campus), you're supposed to lock yourself in a room without windows that is away from central entry points, keep silent, keep the lights off, and don't have your phones whistling away. You don't actually have to stay in these rooms - you can risk your life if you want to try to escape the building. But during a lockdown drill, students tend to sit with their phones on, making phone clicks, tweet tones, and blaring music from their headphones. It's fucking infuriating, and I think part of the drills should include the sound of a gun going off or people screaming nearby. To instill the seriousness of these drills.

5) Wine and Whiskey culture is vast. SO so vast. I started moonlighting at my friend's liquor store yesterday. I started saving things on Pinterest to help me study the basics. I can learn all the general bits of wine and liquor. The hard part will be figuring out brand specifics. Which brand has the best smokey flavour (and yes, "Smoked" counts as a flavour, and thus you cannot call it a Bourbon if it has a flavour)? Which brands of wine are oak-barrel aged? Which brand has the best pinot-noir? That sort of stuff... It's going to be a long ride. I'm in for it, and I'm up for it.


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Mar. 2nd, 2017 11:27 pm (UTC)
Drills these days are soft! When I was growing up, we were what to do in cases like that, and then had drills for the first three months of the year. After that though, we would have drills without warning, without being told they were drills, and were expected to just put it in to practice.
Mar. 5th, 2017 04:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I wish we had more serious drills - we only have two, maybe three, per semester!
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