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I had my first root canal in 20 years. I had scheduled my first cleaning in 2 years, which should have gone down in 2 weeks. And suddenly have my first serious problem in 10 years, during the first serious storm Rochester has seen in 25 years. The appointment was with a new (to me) dentist who takes frequent vacations. I decided that if I can't rely on that guy in an emergency, I don't need him, so I hunted for someone else.

In my quest, I saw that my childhood dentist is still practicing. Nobody answered at his office, but further investigation showed that I was looking on an outdated website and he was out-of-network (insurance is a bitch in the states). His listing only had a 3-star rating, anyway, and I also remembered that I had to have all the root canals he'd performed on me re-rooted and eventually pulled. So when the phones weren't answered, I took that as a sign to keep hunting.

Emergency closings had me and Charles out of work for the day, so we could spend the morning finding a dentist who was in-network, with-electricity, and could squeeze me in immediately. We settled on one, drove out, got it x-ray'd, got a plan, got antibiotics, got Good painkillers, and the day was saved!

Everyone fears the dentist, but I never have, because they always solve face-hole pain problems by the time I leave. Even things like root canals don't scare me or make me nervous. I know I'm gonna feel better on the way out. And I know I'm getting what I'm paying for (unlike a medical doctor's visit, where you pay a guy in a white coat to be condescending to you and bill you for everything right down to the tongue depressor and electricity used to turn on the room lights).

I'm also glad I got a dentist who is not a white man. I'm sure there are good ones out there, but I have yet to come across a single one in my entire 35 years. Every dentist I've had has been Middle Eastern or Indian, and one white German guy who was just monitoring his grad students' process on me, and occasionally talked to me like a kid.

It took a half an hour - ages shorter than I remember it being when I was a kid. Plus 5 hours of stroke-lipped numbness.


I told Brian to call me after 5pm, because the numbness will have worn off by then. He decided to call me 12 times between 11am and 5pm. Then called once more at 5:30 when I could finally answer it.

I had a nice date with him. He had grounds privileges, so we went out to the bus shelter in the freezing weather to smoke. He shared a cigarette with me. It was the first time since we shared a bottle of cough syrup (when we were sick) that he's ever put his mouth on something I put mine on.


Now for something completely different:

I'm working on a project with the international guerrilla crochet artist Olek (check her work on google images) through Wall Therapy. The completed project will be a giant crochet'd billboard with Susan B Anthony depicted with one of her quotes ("Happiness is being independent" or something like that). There are many people making 2-ft square pieces - I am making 2 squares: one solid pink (to learn how to crochet) and another mostly pink piece with the tail of the 's' in "is" in blue. It's taking forever.

I attended a workshop and presentation with my friends Debbie and Meredith. Debbie got me started, but as one of the few expert crocheters, she was asked to go around to the other newbies to help, so Meredith taught me further, by going around me like our grandmothers taught us when we were kids.

The whole project is being heavily documented, so there is going to be video of me somewhere Olek telling me (nicely and constructively) to unravel and start over XD


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Apr. 5th, 2017 08:59 am (UTC)
I admire people who can crochet! I literally have no patience for it.
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