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Niki on Ice

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone again because shit, I'm addicted. Finally got some cleaning done, too. I spent Saturday cleaning, primping (self-spa day*. It was nice), and watching a beautiful anime called Yuri on Ice: a deep dive into the world of competitive ice skating, complete with multiple full programmes (performances) for all the skaters in the show. Seriously, so beautiful! It made me want to skate again.

I idly looked up some tips for whenever I end up finding a place that offers free-skating, and I came across a beginner tip that ruined my desire to pursue the sport as a child - I was ten or eleven last time I got on the ice (my first time was in Kindergarten as part of gym class), and I came home to tell mom all about how I figured out how to balance and glide, showing her the movement I made, tip number 2 on the website I looked at. My mom busted a gut laughing at me. I was too embarrassed to ever go on the ice again.

But fuck that shit now.

I signed onto Facebook for the first time the whole weekend so I could message my friend Niki and let her know I finished binge-watching the show. I know she skates on occasion, and I know she recently watched the show - she's obsessed (in a healthy way... I think). I love it too, though :)
So I signed on and lo and behold, the first thing I saw was a post from her asking if anyone would like to join her for an afternoon skate!

From 2 - 3:30, Niki glided beside me and ahead of me, going forwards, backwards, sideways, doing little spins, helping me get used to the ice. I could barely take my hand off the side wall, and she usually had to take my hands to go around other people who were slower or stationary at the wall. Twice, though, right at the end of the session, I went around someone without her help.

Charles was there, too. And Niki's friend Cat, who is a former competitive skater and current teacher of skating! He spent the whole time teaching Charles super-basics - Charles couldn't stop gripping the wall with both hands and only made three laps (I made five). He couldn't even step - he just pulled on the wall and let that move him.

I eventually gained a little bit of confidence, and tried being a little bit bold. Nearly wiped out, too. I'm really terrified of falling, because my first time on roller-skates, I wiped out and broke my wrist. Mom's first reaction was [guess]. But I do need to start trusting the ice more - I always tend to fall more softly on ice and snow than I do on other things (and in fact, did stumble softly to the floor once and landed alright.

But I lapped a bunch of times! I caught up to Charles one last time and slowed down with him for the end of the session so Cat and Niki could free skate wildly. Cat is amazing. Niki is pretty great. I took a couple videos of her. I taught Charles what Niki taught me, which was simply how to stop and how to stand without holding the wall, and how to slowly "walk" on the ice, which he did on our way to the gate.

I had so much fun, and I've decided to work this new hobby into my budget. It's only $11 per visit, including skate rentals - OH, and Niki said she's getting super pristine skates to replace the ones she was wearing, so I asked if I could buy those off her (we have the same shoe size - I even have a cool pair of shoes I got from her ages ago). We talked in the lobby for nearly two hours after - found out Cat works at MCC, too (he works at the proper campus - I'm downtown).

I'm so excited to skate again next weekend :)

*In case anyone was curious:

Self Spa Day is like a little stay-cation. I stay in, I get shit done, I watch TV. I don't have them too often, but I do get around to doing some little things for myself at least once a week nowadays.

Saturday's Spa started with a shower and a shave (shaved off the winter legs and did the pits as well. Decided to leave "the amazon" for another day).

I made myself a fancy new breakfast (eggs on a cloud! A total game-changer for cooking my eggs) - in retrospect, I should have made breakfast before my shower, because the cooking smell probably stuck to my nice, clean hair.

After breakfast, I cleaned up the living room and my computer desk. And flipped the futon couch cushion (and shock! Now it doesn't slip off the frame so much).

Binge-watched Yuri on Ice while trying out a new face mask (St. Ives paste) and sorting through some papers and French flash cards, so I could finally put those away for a while. I think the mask worked well!

Then got out the nail kit and while I didn't go full-blown mani/pedi, I did trim and clean my nails, and changed out the nail polish. I used a stamp to make a cook black swirl design on the deep teal colour, but the downfall was realizing my bottom-of-the-bottle top-coat is too old and just gets gummy instead of dries. No matter how long I waited for them to dry, no matter that it seemed dry, I wound up with fabric imprints on all my nails when I woke up Sunday. So mark that on my list of shit to replace. New (fucking fast-drying) topcoat.

My toenails turned out cute, though! I got a pastel purple from my friend Tempest, and a pastel blue that matches perfectly from Ipsy :D

I think that's the end of my Spa Day. I planned on tweezing my face hairs (brow and 'stache), but I ended up saving that for Sunday while putting on makeup.