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The Health Post

I've been going strong on my Ketogenic diet for about 9 months now. My starting weight was 235 lbs (106.5 kg). Since August, I've lost nearly 30 pounds (I'm at 207 lbs / 94 kg as of this morning). But I've hit a plateau and have been toggling between 206 and 212 for a few months now, so last week, I finally went back to the gym. I have to force myself sometimes, especially when the weather gets shitty and all I want to do is laze about on the couch.

I switched my routine up just a bit - I used to start with a mile jog on the elliptical, but this time, I figured I should try biking on an incline (set to level 20). I think it does the job, but it's disheartening that I go a mile only a few minutes faster on a bike than on the elliptical, though I do have the incline to slow me down.

I also have three sets of exercises to do for each day I go the gym in a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays after work). A mile at the start of every session. Then five machines. I'm not trying to spot-reduce, but I am focusing on my arms. They need strength. Spot reduction would be nice, though. They are carrying major baggage. I tried to make the first day more about arms, with 2-3 arm exercises, 2 leg exercises, and 1-2 core (back or abs) exercises and the second more about legs, with a light third day, but I think the first and third days are arm-heavy, with the second being about even all-around.

Then I change and hit the hydro-massage bed. I only wish they had massage chairs that would get you in the arms, but these beds... oh my god. If you don't know what it is, it's a bed that's covered in a loose covering, and a couple of hoses travel up and down your body in a channel within the bed and shoots a powerful jet of water along each side of your spine, from your neck to your feet and back again. You can control the speed and pressure of the jets on a screen. I'm not gonna lie. When they get there, those jets kinda almost fuck you. But for me, the orgasmic part is right between the shoulders. I hold a lot of stress between my shoulder blades, holy shit.

And of course, I've just decided to add ice skating. I was told I'd really feel it in my feet and shins. I felt it in my feet right after, but there was no residual soreness, like I expected.

I know I need to add stretching to my routine. At least after the sessions, if not every single day.

Hopefully I'll break through my plateau in another week or so. I'd like to have a cheat meal once a month or so without sky-rocketing my weight back up to 212 over one rare sushi date, ya know?

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May. 4th, 2017 02:41 pm (UTC)
I just hopped on the keto bandwagon! I really like it so far, but am definitely experiencing some "keto flu" stuff :/ But hopefully it passes quickly! Do you have any keto recipes or blogs you really like to check out?
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