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Annual TCAF Report: DAY ONE

We left Rochester really late. Like, after 4pm. And we had somewhere to be at 8:30pm. And Ch. has a knack for getting us caught up at the border (thankfully, it was only a few minutes extra this time around - last time, we were there nearly an hour).

We got to the Masonic Temple right around 8:30. Ch. dropped me off and went off to search for a parking spot. The line was nearly a whole block long but moved quickly. I feared I wouldn't be able to get in, even with a ticket, but I made it and found a good balcony seat.

I didn't know what to expect of this. I just saw that Dave McKean is performing with visuals, and it was only $10 (under ten in USD). Turns out, he'd turned his latest comic BLACK DOG into a motion comic for the big screen, and (with his violinist wife and cellist Matthew Sharp) performed music and dialog live, starting at about 9pm. It was beautiful.

During a short break, between the film, and a musical aside at the end, I ran down to the lobby to buy a copy of the book, as we were told he'd only be signing that book afterward. I suspected that'd be my only opportunity to meet him, as opposed to battling a million-mile line at TCAF during the weekend.

I was so close toward the front of the line that he stood right next to me setting up his signing-station, and I jokingly asked "So, how'd you like the show?" and he returned the joke with, "worst nightmare of my life!"

The signings went so fast, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a picture, but when I came up, I asked while he was signing if I could get a picture with him and my pet rat. Without a flinch, he agreed, not even knowing if I was talking about a real or fake rat (it's fake). I explained that I had Neil Gaiman pose with it, and I'd really like one of him to complete the set. ;)

And now I do!

Day 2 to follow tomorrow...

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