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Annual TCAF Report: DAY TWO

Ch. likes to close the heavy blinds on the windows so the hotel room will stay dark long after sunrise, which also makes me sleep in later than I like, being woken only by my bladder's call, which I put on hold to open the blinds and let some light help me wake up, which it does almost immediately. Like a cozy coffin, hotels. I'd never escape in the dark.

I got dressed, ate my cold leftovers from Sneaky Dee's, and headed over to the Reference Library (where TCAF is held). And announced such on Facebook, so friends could join me.

First booth got a huge bulk of my money. Queer and feminism always wins my money, and this year, the queer was a powerful force! It always is, but this year seemed more fierce than previous years, and I spent way more money than I intended ;)

At one point, I wandered by a booth with a video playing that looked reminiscent of Adventure Time, and it turned out to be a pilot reel of a comic book being sold at the table, called Welcome to Showside. The guy talking to me spoke of it like his own, and maybe he helped with it, I don't know, but it really belonged to the other guy Ian McGinty, who was the main artist for the Adventure Time comic book series.

The guy talking to me noted that he was from Rochester, which piqued my interest, and I told him I'm also from Rochester. This guy, Dave Chisholm, did a comic book about a failing trumpet player who gets an apocalypse-causing trumpet. After a few minutes of chatting it up with him, realizing we know a bunch of the same people and places (he studied at Eastman, he knows both my violin tutors and Hanna's brother, and understands the weather jokes), I bought his book, which also comes with a download of the music he composed/played to go with it.

I ran into Robin and we talked for a little bit and ran around the showcase room (baffled by Topatoco's lack of presence this year - they are a highlight every year), til I decided to check out a watercolour panel at 2pm. After that, I went over to a Second Cup to get some much-needed hydration. Robin and Ch. joined, and Mike joined us later (I accidentally gave Mike the wrong street, saying we were at the one on Bloor & Charles St., and he couldn't find us til I mentioned we were next to the Dollarama - which is on YONGE & Charles *facepalm*. He found us eventually.

We all chatted for a few and then decided to head to Robin's new apartment in Cabbagetown (about a 25 minute walk to the East) for a few beers (Ch. wanted to go to Chinatown first, so he joined later). Mike also had some top-shelf scotch to share. With no food in me since breakfast, I felt pretty wasted. I'm very grateful we decided to order a pizza (with cheese-sticks), and after being joined by Ian late in the night, we decided to hit a pub for food and much-needed water. Robin and I lamented that we were about done before heading out, but had to keep up social appearances, since it was a special occasion. We had a good time, and I (think I) sobered up alright. Didn't eat as much as I thought I would, shoulda stuck with greasy food, but hey. Nice times all around.

Until I realized I'm still just drunk enough to not sleep. I passed out when I got back to the hotel, but woke up an hour or so later and couldn't get back to sleep no matter how relaxed I felt. I think I got some superficial winks in around 11am, but no real sleep. Shocking how I made a full day out of Sunday, and remained wide-eyed-and-bushy-tailed the whole way home (even after arriving at home, I still had the energy for a shower).

Day 3 tomorrow.

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