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Opposites 2: THE BAD

I covered my first Friday shift at the liquor store last week. It was non-stop busy. Right to the end, I had people in my store. One woman kept shouting "do you have this, do you have that, where the reisling at" while I was tending to other customers at the checkout, trying to get everyone the hell out by 9 (at which point, I cannot, by law, sell any more booze). She finally finished looking right at 9, and I was able to get her out lickety-split. What the fuck.

I also covered my first Saturday shift. It was Hell On Motherfucking Wheels. I turned away a record number of people for not having their IDs. Now, I can usually tell when someone's old enough, but I still need to check their IDs if I have even a shred of a doubt, which was recently amplified when I got wind that a nearby liquor store just got slapped with a $7000 fine for getting busted not ID'ing someone who was under 21. So yeah, you look young: you get carded.

I had 3 people yell at me, but I did not falter. One pair gave me such a fright that I sat next to the silent alarm button until they came back with their IDs and left for good after they made their purchase. Fucking shit. Most people who see me, a relatively new face behind the counter, will go get their ID without issue. Some even say, "oh, new face!" and turn right around without thought to get theirs. Unless you come in every day and are friendly to me, I'm not gonna remember your face and I will card you. One girl even came in 5 minutes after closing (I don't lock the door unless I need to during my closing routine, because it's very quick) to ask if she could still buy (after getting her ID). Sorry, darling. Not after 9.

The bigger problem is when there's more than one (usually in couples), and one of them doesn't have their ID - I can't sell to any of them. They try to bargain, "well, he's paying for it!" Or leave then come back together to switch payers, but no. That doesn't work either. And then there's the ones who pitch a fit because they're "in the system," which is a points system based on your phone number - in no way a suitable substitute for a legal identification, as you could give me anyone's number.

And to top it all off, a regular, who is wheelchair-bound and has to tap on the window for his usual drink (as we don't have a ramp), decided to visit me a second time, barely able to get out a sentence to tell me what he wanted, and then I heard from other patrons that he was passed out in his chair outside the shop!!! I'm not supposed to sell liquor to the super-drunk, but it's a rule that generally gets looked over with our kindly regulars. But for fuck's sake. I texted my boss to ask what I should do, and he said to just check if he's breathing, and if not to call 911. When I had a moment between customers (because of course that happened at a busy hour), he was just wheeling across the street, so at least I didn't have a death on that shift.

Today, however, my one usual evening, was extra quiet. That night prompted me to write a sign for the door window that states that I am carding everyone. It may just be because it was slow tonight, but I feel like it works. I hope so, anyway.

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Jun. 2nd, 2017 06:24 am (UTC)
Boo cranky people that make a fuss about their IDs. Sounds busy and stressful though, hope it is all going well <3
Jun. 6th, 2017 05:01 pm (UTC)
I've got 2 more Saturdays to cover in the month, then I think I'll be making un-cancel-able plans for every saturday henceforth, so I don't have to cover that one anymore.
Jun. 2nd, 2017 08:30 pm (UTC)
When I had to do register work, I eventually developed set trigger expressions and phrases that in no way violated rules, for whenever people gave me a hard time. I got a kick about watching them blow up without really being able to do anything in retaliation :D
Jun. 6th, 2017 05:00 pm (UTC)
I've started with "I can get the cops over here to explain liquor laws to you if you want," which usually shuts them right up (though I'll be careful not to throw that around too much, because the wrong kind of angry customers might decide to make that cop call worthwhile).
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