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Gonna get a hell of a lot of exercise this summer!

First of all, skating. I bought a yearly pass, which is $150, which will pay for itself in about 2 months.
My schedule for skating is Wednesday afternoons, and as many afternoons over the weekends as I can. Currently working on left-foot strength/balance issues, but can glide one-footed on my right for about 5 seconds (pretty much as long as I can stride anyway). Also working on speed and blade-side techniques.

After skating on Sunday, Niki, Chalen, and I went to last summer's stomping grounds, Aerial Arts of Rochester, to see Niki's best friend Penny in the student showcase. And the three of us decided to sign up for TWO classes - Barre and Core (both Aerial), and Chalen and I are debating on adding a third - Aerial Yoga, which is what I did last summer. Core and Yoga are going to be good for my upper body strength.

And of course, trying to fit in the gym where I can in the packed schedule. I've only just begun the new regime, but I'm already so excited to be feeling results. I think I mentioned last time that Niki informed me I needed to add more weight and rep-to-fail at about 8 reps (still doing sets of 3). I still need to tweak up the weight a bit, but I'm getting there (and surprising myself by how much weight I can already take, when previously I thought it was too much :) ). My hip abductions are rocking me out, but I'm still having issues getting enough weight to challenge the rest of my legs. And the back extensions is a delicate-balance issue for me, because while I feel like I can handle a lot of weight (and do a lot of reps), my day-after back says otherwise. First time with it, I felt beyond sore and into hurt territory for days after.

Starting in July, my schedule will look like this:

Sunday: Skate + Gym
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Work + Barre + (maybe Gym) + Cup (dinner with friends)
Wednesday: Work + Skate + Core
Thurdsday: (catch up on house stuff) + Work
Friday: Skate + Gym
Saturday: Skate + (work if needed)

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