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My Ace Space

Ever since this year's TCAF where I saw more queer comics and zines than ever before, I've had this idea to create a zine about me and being queer (asexual). I want it to be kinda big, and I've filled a whole page with ideas for what I can include in it. One page doesn't seem like a lot, but it has about 50 ideas and keywords I want to cover, including some definitions, diary entries from my teens and early 20s, conversations I've had, coming out, experiences, and Ace Bingo.

Ideally, I'd like it to be laid out like a true zine, but also like a comic, but also like a journal...?

I guess that's not a descriptor for "ideally" so much as "some ideas I want to work with..." or something. I'm shitty at comics - they take me forever to draw to my satisfaction. But I really want to get better/faster at them, so I really should incorporate them into this project.

I also think I want to go under a pseudonym, or split-pseudonym (stories by Jane St. James, art by Fawndolyn Valentine?) because I'm paranoid my family will find out about it, and not only do I not want them to know my orientation, but I may include some childhood traumas that involve them, and I don't want to kick that hornet's nest. Same goes for my podcast idea about First Times - hosted by Jane, produced by Fawn (working on that eventually - trying to gather more stories to work with).

With 50 or so ideas, I may have it end up being a series. I dunno. Once I get started, I'll know for sure. Step 1 is to gather all my journal & diary entries, and text/messenger conversations. Step 2 is to thumbnail some comics and illustrations. Step 3 is to do a layout of what I want to go where in the book(s).

Writing out that last paragraph kinda got me pumped.

It's gonna help that I plan to finally switch out the office chair I stole from work to replace the kitchen stool I use at my home computer now. Maybe I'll finally get some of that fabled OTHER stuff done (which requires I sit at my computer for long amounts of time), too.

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