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I'm Rubbish

...at keeping up with my friends feed/comments. I'm sorry.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Three fitness classes for 3 days in a row each week is awesome, but combined with my work schedule, the rest of my hobbies are taking a back seat. I haven't played violin since my tutor moved to Buffalo (will try to amend that in August and will find a new tutor in September). I have purchased craft supplies, but haven't touched them (I did sew a strap onto my Wuzzles gym bag, so there's that), and . Even ice skating is beginning to take a back-seat (though, that has more to do with the overcast days taking their toll). I was hoping to get on the ice again today, but left my skates in the car (kinda on purpose).

Overcast days are causing me to make my stupid iphone games an addiction. I need to delete them, but... you know. If I've got things I need to do, I'm okay with avoiding it, but... ugh.


Overcast days be damned, I found another new hobby! Geocaching! oooooh!

My cousin Liz found out my yoga partner dropped out after one class, so she swooped in to take her place. She introduced me to the world of geocaching, and I love it. There's a great thrill in looking under light-pole boxes and in tree knots to discover tiny treasure boxes or minuscule canisters full of tightly wound name/date logs for those who've found it before. The first one I found was a big container (like, instant coffee sized) full of a notebook, pen, some coins, and a little dinosaur figure. I gotta go buy some cheap-o dollar store garbage to put in the ones I find. It's so cool!


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Jul. 26th, 2017 02:57 pm (UTC)
Three exercise days a week is pretty impressive, well done.
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