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Famous People (in Two Parts)

1. Me (and Voltaire)

I'm apparently well-known amongst Voltaire's fans, at least according to this one woman I've attracted over on Facebook messenger. He has mentioned me on stage and in his videos on occasion, I was in his music video where I became friends with his future ex-wife, and I supply him with buttons when he needs them. Hell, he even slept with one of my dear friends! We are considered friends in each others' eyes. I only mention this to you, LJ friends, because I've blogged here over the years about pretty much all of this as it happened (and I couldn't contain my excitement). I'm not trying to brag.

But man, this woman won't stop messaging me about all of her exploits with Voltaire! She goes on and on about making out with him at shows, because when he gets drunk, his nose pokes her in the eye, or his beard is too scruffy for her ultra-sensitive skin - aside from the picture she sent of them kissing, she also thought it fine to send me a picture of her gross, rashy cleavage to show me how sensitive her skin is, wtf), and how she gets free merch and free access to his shows, and she has the prototype of one of the toys he designed...

I'm sure she means well, or she's trying to drum up hits on her FB page by slinging my name and my Voltaire photos around. She is acknowledging me, and even slung in mentioning both my Like-pages, but the photos she grabbed, she "color-corrected" to the point where they look far more grainy than they started. That's how this all started; by her asking if she could use the most recent photos I took at his Albany show in tour-promo posts on her page, but also stated that if it wasn't me, she'd just take whatever picture she wanted from whoever. Fuckin' what?

She's still going on as I type this... does she not have anything else to do with her day? I've gone down to single-word/emoji replies on the occasion I check the stream of messages she's sent me.

2. Bella Morte (and Me)

Bella Morte are old friends I met ages ago through my now ex-bestie R., and they are currently touring with Voltaire, so when I arrived at the club, I immediately spotted Voltaire outside having a smoke and approached him, gave him a hug, and then recognized the guy he was talking to as Tony, the guitarist for Bella Morte. And another guy who turned out to be the new drummer.

I knew I'd get happy warm hug greetings upon seeing me, but what I didn't expect was having him introduce me to the drummer as the person who sent him the best birthday card in the world. I had no idea what Tony was talking about, but he continued the story and regaled the tale of me taking a picture of me in my bra, with the words "Happy B-Day Tony" written on my chest in fake blood. OMG I forgot I did that, and I would have been totally embarrassed if it wasn't something I'd totally do again XD

What blew me away was when Tony asked me about my art and the book deal. I was so (internally) shocked that he knew about that. I thought he and Andy (the singer) had become so busy and so famous that I was blown away by the fact that they (Andy mentioned it too) actually pay attention to me on FB and Instagram! I felt so fucking... relevant!

I especially didn't think they'd be paying attention to me after R. and I broke up - which, it turns out, Andy didn't even realize. He asked if I've talked to her recently, so I broke the news. R. dumped me so hard a few years ago. I may have touched base on it here, but I don't think I went into any detail in print, ever (and I'm not about to start - R. (who is now transitioned to S.) is a very well-known person, and I'm not in the business of dishing on famous folks, even if they did hurt me in a horrible way). I asked if we could still be bros, and he said, "Of course!" And went on to say he knows how hard it is to go through something like that, and he's not the type to take sides after friends split from each other.

The whole night made me feel very warm, and it definitely rekindled my diminishing security of being able to rock at the book project!

Famous people are paying attention to me. Life is weird :)


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Aug. 11th, 2017 10:42 am (UTC)
I admit that I had to look up who voltaire and Bella Morte were, sorry!
Though no famous people are involved, I've had my run in with people like that girl, on my blogs. However, I don't think they meant well at all. I no longer have interactions with said people, which is great, but man, the memories!
Aug. 24th, 2017 02:23 am (UTC)
Good riddance to people like that! Glad you got rid of her!
I think the girl I was dealing with got the hint and backed off (or she finally went to sleep and forgot about me when she woke up, hahaha).
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