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My plans for The Future (tm):

Dropping off the application to A Handmade Holiday (as a jeweler and crafter, with a small helping of prints).
Finishing four drawings this weekend (a demon for CDC: Character Design Challenge, Yuri Katsuki fan art, a witch, and Toyetica fan art).
Turning 36 on Tuesday.
Catching up on Inktober (and considering doing a 13 Days of Halloween art project, but realistically, may end up doing it next year).
Making a booth page for my illustrations.
Applying to Tora-Con as an illustrator (this will be my first time applying as an illustrator).
Make a shit-tonne of fan art to cater to anime conventions.
Make stickers, bookmarks, pins, and prints of multiple sizes.
Update my secondary website and my shop.
Breakdown, list, and start my How-To guide for making marshmallows.
NaNoWriMo (or use write-ins to illustrate).
Finish the damn Day of the Dead quilt I started (I should probably put that at the top of my list).
Finish xmas shopping.