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My first mistake in closet KonMari was starting late at night so I couldn't hoover the carpet (downstairs neighbours). My second was sitting in the dust while getting ready for a night out. When I got up, I had a goddamn moth larvae on my butt! WHAT THE FUCK?? I also had dust mite bites on my wrist, which have lasted me the whole week (I had to have my wrist wrapped in a bandage). This is what I get for not hoovering my closet regularly. I finally got to it last night, though, and I went all-in with it, making sure I got in all the crevices and baseboard surfaces. I think that's about the 3rd time I've hoovered it that deeply in the entire time I've lived here. Gotta make sure I do this more often.

I got rid of a few more items from my drawers, and still need to cull coats/jackets and the like.

Got rid of almost an entire shelving unit of DVDs (out of 3) and half my CDs. I aimed for this outcome. I'm going to go a second, more brutal round on the DVDs and try to get the whole third shelf emptied.

I had a whole other paragraph about the complications I'm running into, but as it helps to write it out, I've found the solution for the complications is using my own goddamn common sense.

I'm riding a deadline for a booth thing I'm doing this weekend, so I may have to put my cleaning on hold while I work on some new items.