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[sticky post] Feb. 5th, 2018

Note: to give you an idea of the stuff I write about, I've left some entries unlocked. But comment to be added; you know the drill.
(I might add you if you've commented to be added, but there's a reason I've recently had to lock this down, and I've got to be on guard. Pretty pissed off about it, by the way)


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Mar. 26th, 2018 08:10 pm (UTC)
Hi, Fawn! I found you through ~sight's friending frenzy and thought I would at least let you know you seem incredibly awesome, even if you aren't interested in becoming friends (you're significantly older than I am, but so are a couple of my current professional artist friends I admire). My name's Katherine and I'm 25 and into many of the same things as you (cartoons, horror, comics, good music); unfortunately, it's also usually pretty hard for me to come off as edgy since my aesthetic is so pink- and Disney-saturated. c; So on that note, when I saw that you read/collect Toyetica and that Marty is your friend, I squeed because I'm a huge fan of hers (and now I know precisely where Fawndolyn's name came from, hehe! Your name really is a lovely one.)! And your music tastes are SO epic and it's incredible that you and Voltaire are friends! I love him, too! I wish he were still making music for cartoon series (one in particular that's my latest obsession and would fit his vibe sooo well).

I'm an LJ vet of 10 years but am starting fresh with this journal, hence my current entry count, so I hope that won't be a turnoff if you consider me. I plan to be quite active since there's finally more going on in my life than would have been possible before, as I work (however slowly) toward making my animation screenwriting dream come true. I hope to see you around even if you don't think me a good fit for your friends feed, maybe on Instagram or somewhere! ♡
Mar. 28th, 2018 03:09 pm (UTC)
Hi Katherine! I would be delighted to add you on LJ! Especially after such a lovely letter :)
All the best people love spooky AND sparkly! People always give me a double-take when I go out in punky outfits and pull out a colourful crochet project, hahaha!
Do you ever watch Marty's Twitch streams? I'm not always able to join in, but I love watching her work on stuff and chatting in the chat (on twitch and discord - though the discord might only be for her patreon peeps).
That's so cool that you're an aspiring animation writer! I've wanted time to get into animation for a while, but I'm always working on some other project. I'm hoping I'll have some time to at least work on a storyboard this spring or summer.
Mar. 29th, 2018 12:28 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you so much! I'll try hard to come up with content that has enough of both to hold your interest, then. ;*

I never have! I'm actually a bit behind on the times with platforms like Twitch and Discord, embarrassingly. The only live streams I've probably watched in years are on Instagram when toy sellers go thrifting and try to gather interest for what they find, hehe. I haven't been on Instagram for about a year because of my health, though (I remain surprised I have had that much resolve), but I plan to post in the next couple of days just to prove I'm alive, and then I will probably fall back into the rhythm. Speaking of, I'm so sorry for all those dead links in my FO entry; they're placeholders because I'm also going through that with my other platforms. I find now would be a good time to shake off the dust because interesting and hopeful things are happening to me for the first time in years.

Thank you! It's a dream I have had for years because of all the series I've connected with over my life. I have been fortunate enough to have correspondence with one or two big names in the industry, and I also have a friend in the LA area courting a professional position and a storyboarder friend in Canada who's been part of some huge things as well. Storyboarding has to be quite a cool job as well, but unfortunately I'm very much still learning to art half as well as my friends. -_-
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